As a Home Builder Amarillo We want it to be so unique that people come from all over. So people come from all over in all different states. They traveled to Clinton sense there and little white dear Texas, they traveled from Oklahoma, they traveled from Kansas, they travel from Colorado, New Mexico, you name it. People from all over traveled to the Clint & Sons in White Deer Texas to have their meat processed because they have created a brand for themselves that people feel is iconic and it is and so the multi generations of this company passed down through the generations and that right there is what we want to establish and Pampa Texas as a Home Builder Amarillo, and it’s not just for a profit, you know, we don’t want it just for like a profit margin gain. We want it so we can see that side of town restored. And so having talked to Mr. Roy and over half parsley, and you know, helping him with the vision to get the crossings of the Jordan started it to get the Carver center purchase. And to clean up that side of town and my husband as a Home Builder Amarillo, many others drive this entire area where our warehouses are included. They drive these areas on a daily basis. And they pray over these areas. They pray for restoration.

They pray for this side of town to be revived and restored. And for it to bring blessings to other they are in constant prayer over this side of town. And so when Mr. Roy found out that we purchase those warehouses, he was beyond excited. And so he shared with us his vision for the crossing the Jordan and we are on board with that with him now and we are full 100% committed to supporting that ministry have but he also is committed to helping us as well. And so he wants to see that, I mean, he has Parsees over there as well. And you know what they do a fantastic job of keeping their side and all of their properties cleaned up to the best of their ability. But it’s still just such a sad state. I mean, right across the street from them are our warehouses that haven’t been touched, and so long at for us at Chaney Construction that makes us kind of sad about that whole situation. And so we are so excited to restore those here at Chaney Construction. And we just know that without a shadow of a doubt, that’s where we’re supposed to be. We know that we don’t know necessarily what it looks like, we don’t necessarily know how we’re going to get there with our team at Chaney Construction. We don’t necessarily know what the best use of the property is. But we know what the overall vision is. And that’s to restore and revive that side of town, we want it to become popular again, we want it to become something that people from near and far discuss and tell others about. And those others want to come and see it for themselves as well. And then it appeals to a different type of market which is what we want as a Home Builder Amarillo.

So let’s say that we take Floors-N-More. And we create our showroom in there with the exposed brick, and the rafters and all of that. So let’s say that we do that, let’s say that we move our Floors-N-More business over there. So now it becomes less about foot traffic, and more about a specific type of customer and a very specific type of customer, one that is enjoys rustic and iconic one that enjoys, you know, this exposed brick, and beans, and trusses and, and different things of that nature. You know, people that enjoy seeing a airplane suspended in the middle of a warehouse, like those types of people are very specific type of customer, those types of people are very specific and Miller likes. And those are the types of people that go and tell their friends and their friends become intrigued by Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo. And their friends follow suit. And so we know that that’s going to take a very specific type of marketing. And that’s where I think our hesitation I don’t want to say hesitation we know that God provides for us, that’s where maybe our timeline starts to get a little bit further out than we would like for it to is because we know that it’s going to take some serious dollars to be able to market to that very specific customer. And so with that, the improvements on the warehouse along with the marketing that’s going to be required, we’re very worried about other overhead expenses that we know might come along. And so one of those things being property taxes right now as a Home Builder Amarillo, our property taxes are very, very feasible and very, very feasible.

In fact, we’re extremely happy with the amount of property taxes on those, we have so many properties that when properties tax values do go up, it is a very big kind of hit to us because we know that, you know, we have so many rental properties. And so being able to discuss this tax abatement The city is doing will be a huge help to us, for us to be able to put our money into the things we need to get this thing up and running. And so like I said, we know it’s going to take some planning to get it there. But we also are very aware of the great obstacles, it’s going to have to be overcome through all of that and we’re on board. We’re excited, we’re ready to do this. And we do it tomorrow if we could, if we were gambling people and we can win the lottery that would be fantastic. But we’re going to have to do this and our strategic timeline was too cheesy, but budgeting moves