So every Wednesday at church, we have Amarillo Custom Home Builders dinner at six. And it just the
thing that Mike came up with. And It is very nice, I think that it really brings us closer. There are so many
families out there where both parents are working and they are unable Amarillo Custom Home Builders
to make a family meal every night. We wanted to be able to help those families at least once a week.
They can come down to the church and bond over a home cooked meal for like an hour or two. Without
having to deal with the mess of buying groceries, preparing the meal, cooking the meal, and then the
cleanup at the end, we are providing families with so many opportunities to bond with each other. We
want to be able to provide that for these families and give them a time a space to be with each other
without having to worry about anything else. There are several Amarillo Custom Home Builders churches
that do this throughout the week in so many different towns, this is just the one that we are involved in.
and we love it so much. Helping people is what makes life meaningful. The most important part of a
community is the families that make up that community. And I know obviously can feed families that
maybe can’t eat a lot throughout the week because they’re busy, or maybe because they’re lacking
money, or just stuff like that. So Tonight, we’re going to be having a Mexican pylon, and me and Mike
and Peggy are going to be taking it later tonight, When we get off of work, and so we’re just going to kind
of go over, like what is next in Amarillo Custom Home Builders bile, and we always hear it and we always
have that church at banquets and stuff. And so one of the main things that you have to have for my skin
pylon obviously is the hamburger meat. And so hamburger meat is such an easy thing to make, but also,
you know, you really need to seasoned up just a little bit, just to kind of get it, you know, a nice and, you
know, tasty. And so we obviously need that. And then also are going to need some tortillas, either we
make these homemade, or you can go ahead and go buy some or they need to be to have kind of a
variety like corn flour, stuff like that. So, um, I love like super, super fluffy tortillas that I could use to really
just like hold everything and they’re kind of strong, because Amarillo Custom Home Builders if you get
too thin of ones and they just rip and that’s just super unfortunate and super annoying as well. So The
next thing you need to squat Kamali? So obviously to make guacamole, you need some avocados,
there’s a bunch of different ways I thought that everyone made it the same until I was teaching my I was
like making guacamole at my home. And my roommates are like how are what are you doing so I think
that I might cheat and I think I might make it a super easy way. So I just like Amarillo Custom Home
Builders gather like four avocados and mash those up really good. And then I like to get the mic. I like to
pour a little bit of salt in there just a little bit. A few tablespoons, I would say three or four. And then mix
that in there and that kind of helps with the tomatoes and then I like to chop some onions haven’t put it in
there. Like that. And that’s why I like to make my rock wall. That’s it. Sometimes I’ll Add some salt and
pepper. If I’m really feeling crazy, but not necessarily all the time. And then also it might be good to have
some salsa on the side of a few different types. You know, red, green, spicy, Amarillo Custom Home
Builders mild, and you need some cheese, re fried beans, tomatoes, chopped onion, sour cream,
jalapenos, black beans, olives, refined beans, and just like stuff like that. And then also on the Mexican
pylons, you obviously need some tomato or potato somewhere else, what are they called tortilla chips.
Yes, I love tortilla chips. There are a lot of different ways that you can make this homemade if you want
to, They’re pretty good, but you know, some people might not have time for that. So just kind of think
about it or just go buy some they make some really good ones like you can buy the ones that you use
that are boilers and stuff. That’s What I like to do sometimes and then also obviously need like a Mexican
dish Like a dessert to go along with it. So one of my favorite desserts are Amarillo Custom Home
Builders kind of like Mexican style cheesecake. So you get a psycho Crescent roll things and then you
give me like a like a pan like a big ol cake pan and then you like dishes, You like unroll them, you know,
and then you lay them out across the pans and stuff. And then you put it back here I’m cream cheese,
sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, stuff like that. And like I don’t remember the entire Amarillo Custom
Home Builders recipe off the top of my head but anyway so stuff like that and just put a few layers a few
more layers a few more layers, But I do know that it is extremely tasty and it’s so good. And I said tonight
at church we’re not having that but we are having a cake with like double chocolate fudge frosting my
Peggy’s making homemade oh my gosh, it’s so good. I get so annoyed because I don’t know how to
make the buttercream And I try and try and try and every single Amarillo Custom Home Builders time me
buttercream it just hasn’t turned out right. I don’t know if my butter is not getting soft enough before I beat
it or what the problem is but I really just get sad about it. You know