So, you want to build a new house? Okay, that sounds all nice and dandy, but we have certain things
that we have Amarillo Custom Home Builders to take care of first and questions that maybe you haven’t
thought of. So one of the first question is flooring Of course. And more specifically, what type of flooring
do you have in mind? You know, hardwood? tile carpet? You know? What’s it like? What sections of the
house? Do you want? Certain flooring, everything like that? Hard marble? What do you Amarillo Custom
Home Builders want? And then also, do you want heated floors? anywhere? Maybe in the bathroom?
Maybe in the bedroom? Maybe in the kitchen? You know, whatever you want? Yeah, so like, have you
thought about that? Also? What type of roof do you have in mind? You know, we have a lot of different
colors. A lot of different materials. Yeah, so we can do like a natural blend or Silver Birch? Your block
mission ground? There’s a lot of stuff that you can do. Yeah, So what kind of roof Do you want in mind?
Also, do you want like a, like one of those roofs? Or do you want like a tin roof? What do you want? And
then also, what do you want a fireplace? If so what type we talked before about all the different types
Amarillo Custom Home Builders of fireplace, electric gas, wood burning, stuff like that. We talked all
about this? And so if you want a fireplace, Where Do you want it? In? What room? Do You want it? How
many do you want? What type of Do you want? What color brick Do you want? around it stuff like that?
Also, do you have an interest in any outdoor kitchen area? Or like outdoor Amarillo Custom Home
Builders entertainment? Do you have interest in a pool? You know, what are your ideas there? Then like
what type of pool? What type of outdoor kitchen? How big do you want it to be? What kind of
landscaping Do you want around it? How do you want to be able to access it? And then what kind of
Windows Do you think that you would like in your home, there are all different types, you know, like huge
ones that go from floor to ceiling, those barn ones, windows that open windows that do not open, like
double sided windows that open. I like those ones that like have like the little handles and you can open
it like that I really do like those, I think they look very cute. And also in the Amarillo Custom Home
Builders bathroom. So you can also consider like what type of toiletries you want, what type of what type
of counter space and stuff like that? Is mirrors and lighting. And Do you want a like vanity and everything
in your bathroom? What do you want? And then also, more specifically lighting and Vince, There are
some that do venting and heat and there are some that just do venting, you know, so what do you kind of
want there? And Then do you want electrical outlets inside the house and outside the house as well?
What kind of lighting Do you want? What kind of ceiling fans do you want Amarillo Custom Home
Builders? You know, do you want a ceiling fan in every room? Or just a living room? Do you want it just
in the bedrooms? Or do you want that? Okay? And then do you need an electrical outlet on the floor area
of your home? You know, maybe for like your Christmas tree? Or maybe you just keep stuff from getting
messy or anything? Have you thought about that? Also, look at how where you want your TV to be
located at in your homes in each room, or that you’re going to put a TV and because there has to be
certain electrical outlets and stuff and cable connections Amarillo Custom Home Builders that can be
installed there. You don’t want it on the opposite side of the house. I mean, oh the room that you’re going
to put it in? So Do you also need? Do you have a single entry door to access the garage? Like? Or do
you want to just be able to? Is your garage going to be connected to your home? Is it going to be off site
like off of the house of just a detached garage? How do you want that? And also what kind of garage?
Do you want a single door? I’m sorry, single or double? or stuff like Amarillo Custom Home Builders that?
What? How many car do garage? Do you want? triple car garage? You know, that’s also a thing. And
Then do you want outdoor lighting? besides just your porch lighting? I know that in our outdoor kitchen,
we have lights that you can turn off and on and dim and everything? And Then do you have any interest
in a safe room? So we’ll talk more about why people would want to choose Amarillo Custom Home
Builders to have a safe room in their homes. We’ll talk more about that. But we’re not quite there yet. But
do you have an interest in it? Do you want? How many outdoor forces Do you want? So you can water
your lawn or water fill up your pool or anything in Where do you want them located? And you decide
what you’re going to be doing outside? Are you going to have Amarillo Custom Home Builders a garden?
I know that we have three were like locations like waterfall sets outside for gardening and stuff like that.
And then also what heating system Do you want like water heating system? There are like how many
water heaters are you going to have? How big is your home because like only if you only have one hot
water heater, You know, you’re likely to rat a hot water after like a few people in your house shower.
Anyways. And so there’s ones that are like hot water circulating he on demand, stuff like that.