There are certain pieces in people’s wardrobes, I can just go with everything the staple pieces that really
just kind of make an output Look put together when it’s not really planned. Men and women recently that
staple piece in Amarillo Custom Home Builders people’s wardrobe has been quiet in a shoes, White
tennis shoes. So I know that personally, I even have some and I absolutely love them. However, it is very
frustrating whenever they get dirty, but it’s almost inevitable because you can step on your own, you can
step in something dirty, or you can spill something on them. And so it’s just kind of takes an extra step
and keeping them clean, but it’s not always possible. So we’re going to kind of be talking about what you
can do to clean your white shoes. So First, let’s talk about why you would wear them so like I like to wear
them with the classic jeans like skinny jeans or mom jeans or something and just like a T shirt, I like to
wear the most time with jeans and a white t shirt, which is what I’m wearing today. And they’re super
easy to get scuffed and you know. Anyways, so a lot of different Amarillo Custom Home Builders kinds of
shoes like Converse, a Nike is like different materials and everything. So you but basically you’re going
to need some baking soda and white vinegar, which is basically what you need to clean everything
around your house, but that’s okay. So you can use about two tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of
water and a tablespoon of baking soda. And you’re going to mix this all together and then you’re going to
get like a cloth or I like to have like extra toothbrushes like Obviously not used ones but just some extra
ones around the house that are specifically for cleaning my white tennis shoes. And then you dip it into
like that make sure she found to be like a paste. And So if it’s Amarillo Custom Home Builders not, you
know, just adult or baking soda, or whatever, and or some vinegar if it’s too thick. And then yeah, so this
was going to probably smell a little weird just gonna Spinnaker smells bad. But it’ll be okay. So just dip it
into that clean toothbrush and just start scrubbing, scrubbing scrubbing. And this will kind of dry pretty
fast, the paste will. So if there’s any like paste clamps, you can just wipe those off. And then maybe get
some like water and spray off the shoe. And then if there’s any more, just keep on scrubbing. Yeah, and
then rinse them off completely and then let them air dry. And so there are other ways to clean them that
don’t involve baking soda and vinegar, but it’s just soap and water. So that’s Yeah, but then like.
Obviously, I don’t know if I know this or not, but Suede Shoes are a little bit different. So you’re going to
need a coffee cotton cloth, legal rag, Amarillo Custom Home Builders white vinegar, a suede brush and a
pencil eraser. KC you want to get away any moisture out of the top of the shoe with that cloth. And then
you’re going to gently rub the stains with the eraser. And this is going to sound really weird, but Suede
Shoes take a little bit of extra care of this, Okay. Okay, So then the next step is to use paper towel to
kind of dry it out again. And then you’re going to use the cloth, Dip it in vinegar. Dip the cloth and the
vinegar to kind of get rid of the remaining stains. And then you’re going to let them dry, and then let rub it
with the suede brush to make them look velvety again. Okay. So that’s just a few ways to keep the white
shoes or why and then we can go ahead and talk about the leather shoes as well. These are not as
common, but they kind of They’re more Amarillo Custom Home Builders like and the guys section but
these are also Okay, so you’re gonna need some so preferably ivory, cotton, right, like an old t shirt or
something. Okay, and then some other things you’re going to need our anywhere a magic eraser, like the
MR claim they have their big and why or whatever. So firstly, first, basically, you’re going to need to get a
wet paper towel and then wipe down the outside of ai the shoes, just kind of to remove some of the
surface or whatever. So Yeah, just kind of make sure that you get any big pieces of dirt off. That’s where
the main concern is here. Let that dry. And then what your magic eraser and then run up and down the
souls. And then make sure not to drip everywhere like kind of squeeze all the excess water. And then
now this is awesome. So get that cotton Amarillo Custom Home Builders shirt or rag and get it really wet
with soap and water. And then massage the top part of the shoe until it perfectly white. And then what to
the access soap away. And then let them dry again. air dry. Okay. And so you might have to really
repeat this a few times the very last step and all of these different techniques are the different types of
shoes because they are kind of Amarillo Custom Home Builders dependent upon how dirty your shoes
are, how long you’ve had them how long the saints have been there. Okay, And So yeah, so there are a
lot of different ways These are just kind of some of the ways that I’ve used over time I haven’t used the
leather shoe very much just because I don’t really have that much leather, but I’ve used the suede and
the regular one the most and they seem to work Amarillo Custom Home Builders good. So Yeah. White
shoes are so good and they are cute and tey go with everything. Give it a shot.