Okay, so let’s talk about Amarillo Custom Home Builders nursing school. So It’s super hard, obviously.
But that’s just kind of like a given Everyone knows that it’s hard to know at this point, it’s not new news.
But Let’s just kind of talk about, like, I guess what my day to day looks like whenever I’m in classes and
everything. So first, I wake up, and usually I have to be. So like for lecture, This isn’t about clinical, or
Sam or anything. So like, I have to wake up. Sometimes I don’t Amarillo Custom Home Builders know.
Anyway, that’ll be up there at the school as I usually wake up at like 630. To my kind of get up and get
away can take a shower. And usually if I need to study, I’ll do that in the morning if I need to do it. And
then I go to class, and we have like, short from eight to five. And I sit next to my friends. I have like five
friends Amanda, Jenny, Lucas, Jackson and Jonathan. ga. Yeah. And anyway, so we all kind of hang out
together, like at school, then after school, and then on the weekends, and then yeah, so it’s just crazy.
So anyway, so then we sit in lectures from eight to five. And then sometimes we get out a little bit earlier,
but sometimes we get out at noon, sometimes they get out at three, it just kind of depends on what
classes and what tests they are that day, if we have a test, it’s always Amarillo Custom Home Builders at
825. So Yeah, Anyways, and then after class, I usually come to rest for like 30 minutes or an hour,
depending on what time we get out, we get out of five, I eat dinner, and then I start studying. And if we
don’t like we got noon, always, for like an hour, take a little nap, and then start studying. But I like to
study at places we have like a little study room in our front office I like to go to sometimes, but also, the
air conditioner is like messed up for some reason. So it’s just not very cool. And they’re out always super
hot. So I don’t go there too often. But sometimes I go to Starbucks or to a different coffee shop, like right
down the road from us. And I like to study at school sometimes, but you have to wear like a dress code
whenever you go up there. So you can’t wear any shorts, or any jeans with holes in them, or any sweat
pants or anything. So it’s just sometimes kind of annoying having to deal with all of that. So sometimes I
just choose not to go up there. And sometimes I also study in my room too. But I don’t do that very often.
The only reason I don’t do it very often is because I hang out in Amarillo Custom Home Builders the
room, it’s LA. And so if I’m in the same places them all I start getting distracted and start talking and stuff.
So sometimes it’s usually just best for me to leave, I really do like to study at night, though. Sometimes I’ll
like take a nap. So I can stay up late to study. I don’t really know that if that is the recommended thing,
but what I do. So we were taking pharmacology in level one. And Amarillo Custom Home Builders
pharmacology is so hard. I probably spent most of my time setting that I finished the classes at two and
oh my gosh, I probably say I spent over like, I’d probably say over 70 hours studying that. And I made my
job, a little frustrating, but also like I’m proud of it. You know, because you only had to make about 75 so
you know, I met the requirements even though as a B school, I wasn’t a C So Um, if we make below 75
we have to stay back level and never make below 75 into into classes we have to fail, like drop out of
nursing school. I guess it’s not dropping out if you get kicked out Is It Anyway, so I am kind of ready to
get back to it. I like what I learned but just stressful because the task but kind of a given. But I really do
like what I’m learning. And I’m interested to like learn more. And I just want to be able to be at the point
where I can just like really help people. You know, I’m saying like, I want to be the one that can run up
and rescue people like if they’re coding or like, you know, their can’t breathe or anything, I want to be
there for them. I want to be able to know what I’m doing because right now I don’t know anything, even
though I’ve been in it. For level one, you know, I totally Amarillo Custom Home Builders like four months
over my 16 month program. So I still have 12 more whole months to know start learning and everything.
So I’m excited about what I’m going to learn this next year. I’m so excited to figure out you know what I’m
going to do with the rest of my life. So I’m graduating next August and I will be a BSN, which is just so so
so exciting! I can’t believe it. I feel like just yesterday I graduated high school. It doesn’t feel like I’m old
enough to be starting my career in just Amarillo Custom Home Builders one year. Sometimes I feel like I
am still 16 years old but then I realize I’m getting old. Everyone keeps telling me that after you turn 21
then every birthday after that is just another day. I’m not really looking forward to that because that just
seems pretty depressing so I guess I better start living it up. It is so boring and terrible being an adult but
I guess it’s gotta happen. I’m also Amarillo Custom Home Builders not sure why I have to pay to live. I
didn’t choose this. But oh well. Wreck em tech.