And anyway, so I know like every single word, every single Amarillo Custom Home Builders song by
every single one of these people, and so I’m really excited to see them all. And then I went to Lonestar
jam, like two years ago. And it was awesome. And I saw so many different country singers even like Pat
green. And it was awesome. I was in Austin and like, I went with my friend. And yeah, so it was super
awesome. And it was like all kind of like a festival and so like, you didn’t have to buy seeds or anything.
So you could just stand wherever you wanted to stand and a lot Amarillo Custom Home Builders of
people were super drunk, so they weren’t like there. I mean, they were there to listen to the music and
they were also there to get correct. Crazy and brown so we were able to get really close to the stage
since You know, they weren’t, you know, they’re also I’m a little sad with my friends because I missed
them so much. I miss them so much. And I don’t know I’m kind of excited to get back to Abilene just goes
to catch up to everyone and it was my birthday pretty soon. And so, yeah, it’s just gonna be really
exciting. So I think that Oh, we’re going to go out to dinner with my Amarillo Custom Home Builders
parents my birthday, I’ll be 21 but my birthday is on a Sunday, and it’s on right at the very beginning of
nursing school. So I’m hoping that maybe we won’t be too busy yet but I also don’t know because it’s
going to be like two weeks after we started that usually when things start picking up, so I don’t know. But
anyway, so back to the music I don’t really like like rock and roll. Really I like the old stuff. Kind of like the
like the classic rock and roll I don’t mind but like the new stuff I literally don’t even try listen to so I can
give you any examples because I just don’t want it all in my ears. But I Listen to Christian music. And
then I also like to listen to like pop, kind of like what’s on the Amarillo Custom Home Builders radio, I
know that it kind of makes me lose brain cells. But I like to just pop my head around as I’m driving
because I don’t know, I just kind of like it. And then another thing that I really like is like r&b, like slow
music, and I don’t really mind the stuff, Netflix that’s being made right Amarillo Custom Home Builders
now. But I really do like the stuff that was made in like the 2000s. I feel like that was like, really when
music was at the top of its peak. And now it’s just kind of been going downhill, but hopefully it’s going to
start improving soon. So I also watch some TV. So I’ve been watching a few episodes of some stuff
recently. And so here’s some of the stuff that I’m into. So I really like this show. It’s called The
Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s about it’s like kind of futuristic kind of, and like there’s like this huge epidemic
where there are no children being made. And so, like being born or And so that’s just like kind of Amarillo
Custom Home Builders like some kind of cold situation where they kind of go a little crazy and they are
super controlling and stuff. And it’s like they’re like the women are submissive and all that. So anyway, so
it’s super good. I would definitely recommend it. The third season just not ended. But I’m waiting to watch
the last two episodes of the third season with my roommates because we watch it all together. And you
know, obviously, we’re not together right now because we are on our Amarillo Custom Home Builders
summer break. But as soon as we start watching it, I’m going to be so excited. As soon as we get home,
like as soon as I walk home, I’m going to walk straight to my couch and turn on because I’m so excited.
And also another thing that I’ve been watching is a show about moms who like are working and stuff and
they’re, like, super cool, and it’s just kind of like a sitcom kind of but it’s really funny and it also talks about
like real stuff and real situations. So I always like Amarillo Custom Home Builders shows that like are
funny and they are cute and stuff like they also really talked about like important issue is and they kind of
get word out about stuff. I watched that orange is the prison movie. So yeah, I watched that recently and
I finally just finished the very last season. I thought it was very Amarillo Custom Home Builders good it
really did hit on some important topics and stuff and so I think that I’m going to probably go back and
rewatch all of it even though I finished it just because he was spread out over so many years but now
that the final season out you know, I can like really binge it. You know, I kind of wish I would have waited
to start watching it until it was all out but it came out I guess I think it started coming out years ago. I think
I was still in high school. Or maybe I just graduated No, I’m pretty sure it was a years ago was when it
started coming out. Anyway, so I’m pretty excited about watching that even though I finished it, but I just
kind of watch it over. And another thing that I really do love to watch is like Funny, funny, funny sitcoms
that are just stupid. I like to watch Amarillo Custom Home Builders them even though like they make me
lose brain cells. I just like to watch them before bed or something. Kinda like that movie like Parks and
Rec or That show. Um, yeah, I love it so much. It’s literally my favorite movie, I have watched it over and
over and over again so many times and started it over and over. And I will never get tired of it. Me and
my friends always, like send names to each other. And like just funny pictures and everything and then
funny tweets and stuff like that. Like we always, always send stuff about it and they always tell everyone
always says I remind Amarillo Custom Home Builders hem of Leslie even though that’s kind of offensive
because she’s kind of a mess. But then also it’s not very offensive, because, you know, I also feel like a
mess at the same time. So, you know, whatever. So another thing is that I like to talk about is going to be
movies. We kind of already talked about that a lot.