There’s definitely one thing in the house that you touch every single day. It touches so many different
things and Amarillo Custom Home Builders everything. And so you might want to know how to clean it,
and that we’re going to be talking about your mattress, you know, a lot of people will clean clean their
sheets and claim their blankets and clean Amarillo Custom Home Builders their pillows. But, you know, it
kind of takes a second, no one really knows how to clean a mattress and a lot of people do know, then,
you know, I haven’t been taught, I was doing some research how to clean it. I don’t think it’s something
you need to clean, like every week, because you are slipping on the sheets. But I definitely think that it
should be done like, twice a year maybe. Like maybe at the beginning of the spring. And at the beginning
of the fall is kind of what I would recommend it or you know, stuff Amarillo Custom Home Builders like
that. So just to kind of give some information about to claim this. Most mattresses are said to last eight
years that I’ve known mattresses to last 20 years, you know, so yeah. So a lot of people plan on cleaning
their mattress, like whenever they’re potty training, or if there’s like an accident or something or
something actually gets build on it, they should honestly kind of Amarillo Custom Home Builders clean it
a little bit more often than just that. So I’m also but you do need to decide, you know, so what is on your
mattress, okay, and it’s going to be kind of gross, I’m not gonna lie. So there, you know, so let’s just talk
about it. So the first one that definitely you have to have to have to have to clean your mattress or
replace your mattress is bedbugs, like some people will get infestation. And it’s very, very, very important
to get these critters out and they will feed on your Amarillo Custom Home Builders blood and leave you
at the by after and yeah, so they’re difficult to treat. And unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to clean it to where
they’ll go away but um, so usually they don’t need to replace it, but everything else should help clean
should have it like whenever you clean so dirt. So unless you shower every single night before you go to
bed and you wash your hair every single night there’s going to be some bed or some dirt that gets onto
your mattress, it’s just almost inevitable at some degree and then also sweat people sweat a lot when
they sleep stuff. I know me personally like if I don’t have a fan directly on my face whenever I sleep I’m
going to sweat I wake up and sweat all the time. And so it’s no doubt that this does get through your you
know sheets and stuff. And so yeah, so sometimes you know, dust mites can get through there. And
sometimes like if you get to like if there is some moisture in the air, like a bunch of humidity in the area
that you have might be moldy or like if you Amarillo Custom Home Builders spill something and don’t
have if you don’t like clean it then you know it could get moldy too. So these are just kind of some things
to look out for reasons why you might need to clean them. So yeah. So I’m a dust mite allergy you know,
you might have this and so like if you’re having to starting to develop some asthmatic symptoms
sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watery eyes. It was good. So, let’s talk about it really quick. Obviously
first you’re gonna wash those dinners with a super super strong section just make sure to get out and
everything and if there’s an upholstery and vacuum mattress and if you have like a bigger mattress a lot
of times God do it properly. Just make sure they bring in all the taxes and everything like that. And there
might be some nominate necessarily just like personally they like it just happens like you know, there’s
no, SI the tree is like outside Dante and he said, together and if you’re listening please. Thank you Yeah,
so just gonna make sure of like the dish the water baking soda and just spray it on the stain or whatever
and like a panda baby or a dog, you know you’re a on the army on the mattress, you’re gonna have to
get an extra little treatment thing for that. And that’s fine. And then sprinkle baking soda on top of that.
And it deserves odor and oh oil and let that sit for like 10 minutes, but the longer it sits, the better and
vacuum again. Yeah, so now Amarillo Custom Home Builders is basically how to treat your mattress.
And then if you want to flip your mattress every six months, that’s also a very good idea to kind of keep
things off. Speaking spam. Yeah, so let me just tell you about my drive home. So it’s super boring, but
Whenever we drive home I have Amarillo Custom Home Builders to drive through like children drive
through Hamlin on my way to Abilene I’m excited to get back to Abilene think the first thing I’m going to
go is to LA pop like Mexican food restaurant. And they’re having like a special like a back to school
special and so it’s super cheap flight burritos and stuff and I really do like that place I go there quite often
I get a supreme burrito and it has like Amarillo Custom Home Builders hamburger meat lettuce are green
cheese. Free fried beans and just about the other seven becomes the chips and salsa and their salsa is
so spicy. I love it so much but makes my stomach upset sometimes but like worth it because it’s so good.
And anyways, so I’m really trying to get Amarillo Custom Home Builders these things I want to help you
grow his business and stuff. And also I like money.