Hello, hello, it is Wednesday my dudes. And we’re going to just kind of be talking about Amarillo Custom Home Builders a few things. And a few of those things happen to be. I don’t know. Yeah. Let’s talk about decorating. Of course, let’s talk about decorating a small bathroom. Okay. Okay, so the main thing about bathrooms is just organization it needs to happen. So we’re going to kind of be talking about some life hacks for decorating in organizing a small bathroom. So the main thing that really gets super Amarillo Custom Home Builders  messy and cluttered is the cabinet. I mean, the drawers and stuff. And so they have these little like white bins that are super cheap, and you can get them from the dollar store. Okay, and so get those, you can like section off everything in the drawers like you know how whenever you have your forks and spoons, in the drawer in the kitchen, how that white container like separates them? Well, it’s kind of the same idea. But like, you can buy the containers for the Amarillo Custom Home Builders bathroom. Okay. And then another idea is, like in your bathroom, you could use Command hooks on the cabinet door to use to hang here. Like your straightener, your curling iron door, your blow dryer. Yeah, because these, when they get tangled up, they are so annoying. And you can like make, you can end up knocking a bunch of stuff over whenever you’re trying to pull them out. And it should just leave the whole room a mess. And so this like neatly is a way to neatly hang them out and display them without causing like a huge mess, you know, so yeah, so that’s a good idea. And then another thing that you could do is like if you have a bunch of like odds and ends such as like a perfume, some lotion, some makeup brushes, maybe some like be only have like one pair of earrings that you ever wear, just like arrange them on a super cute tray and put that on your bathroom counter. And it can look like Amarillo Custom Home Builders super neat and like you meant that to happen like super intentional to. So and then also like if you’re collecting cute beauty products or like bath bombs or something, you know, put those together and show them off or whatever it be super cute. Like if they from one, they have a cute packaging, and two, they smell good. So do really good to put it in a bin or something and like put it on the counter. For example, so put like cotton balls in one container q tips and Amarillo Custom Home Builders another one. So some bath salts and stuff like that, and labeling and it’d be like super cute because they’re all going to be the same font and everything. And it can really just add like a whole spa kind of aesthetic to your bathroom. And it could just be really super cute. I think. Another thing that you could do to kind of make your bathroom much neater is that your shampoo and conditioner and matching bottles. Like so they have some that are just like black and have a label on them like for shampoo, conditioner, body wash. And so that could be really cute. I’m a local super Amarillo Custom Home Builders chic and they’re refillable and everything and it’s just like a clean kind of look. Okay, and then also make sure to organize your linens, put all of your towels together all of your bath sheets, wash cloth, hand towels, spare towels, and regular towels. And yeah, it’ll be super cute. And then also organize your medicine cabinet you know, put your toothpaste somewhere your toothbrush somewhere, your medications, obviously put them somewhere like all kind of together. And it could look really cute. And if you’re going to use storage items, like little bins or something, make sure that they’re all the same or that they’re at least coordinating. And not just like completely random. So that’s super cool idea to and then I’ll forget about the space over your toilet, they have a bunch of like the little stands that you can buy at Walmart or you can do like floating shelves. And and you really just utilize that space you can put like some plants or some decorations or some different bins that you’re like holding stuff and yeah, like it could hold your what’s it called Amarillo Custom Home Builders toilet paper and stuff. And maybe some like lotion. Like it has three bathrooms really small, you’re really gonna want to utilize that ball. So you just want to use like really the main thing is like maximizing storage options, but still like looking chic and effortless. That will really help your bathroom out a lot. And then another thing like really, I think I shaky usually like keep your bathroom pretty light like a light color and everything because everyone wants good lighting in their bathroom and you can also like fixture lighting around the mirror that would really help. I hate it whenever like at my house. My bathroom lighting is terrible. So I always have to go to my mom’s bathroom. And actually Jimmy did my mom’s bathroom so it looks really good. These are just a few ways to really amp up your Amarillo Custom Home Builders bathroom and get things looking good. You can always remodel, and we recommend it if your bathroom is no longer meeting your needs! You need to take into consideration the type of flooring you want. What color of finishing do you want on that flooring? Marble, wood, tile, what do you think? It needs to fit your family and your families needs! My mom has a Amarillo Custom Home Builders flooring that has a heater and so it feels really nice in the morning and when you get out of the bath late at night. Also, as we mentioned, take in to consideration the Amarillo Custom Home Builders lighting materials!! Focus around the mirrors and above that bath or shower. These are just a few things to think about.