And anyway, so before I leave, I think I’m going to Amarillo Custom Home Builders get off of work and
then go to Jackson’s house. And to get ready, because we’re gonna have to like go straight to the
contract, I think. And it’s expensive to park up there. So I hope that it’s not that bad. But I am going to be
driving just because I kind of like to drive so I can like leave whenever I want to. I wouldn’t leave them
there, but I would definitely force them to leave it easier to force them to leave. I’m driving. So, you know,
it’s all about it’s all how concerts go on. There’s another concert called job Fest, and I’m really Love it and
it’s like in a couple weeks like three or four Amarillo Custom Home Builders I think and I really want to go
but school we started by then so I don’t think I’ll be able to. But I think that it will be fun. It’s like a two day
concert and I used to go every year but this will be like the first year I haven’t been able to actually
haven’t I don’t think I went a couple years ago by us. I don’t know, but usually I didn’t go I don’t really
know what’s talked about and more running out of items. Let us need to talk for like three more minutes
on this though. So anyways, you know what we really need to talk about when you talk about like parks
and stuff, because we really need to talk about that. I’m gonna talk about that. Next. Anyway, so for right
now. You know what it’s so frustrating insight whenever you want to wake up in the ER whenever you
like. wake up in the middle of the night. You’re Amarillo Custom Home Builders so thirsty You’re so
parched Your mouth is so dry you can’t even speak your horses. I’m sorry your voice is hoarse and
anyways so you get up and you go get a cup and put it in put some water in it, but then you realize that
the tap water tastes terrible on top on a ton of taste really terrible like around here. It doesn’t taste the
worst in Amarillo it’s definitely the worst. But around here or in the Google Wallet ocko for Google Wallet
Aqua for Google Lala Google Allah La la la. Anyways, um, so the water that we get here is pretty tasty In
comparison, but it’s still so bad. So I always like trying to not use that much plastic but we have Britta at
my home in Abilene because the tap water there is Literally terrible you can’t even taste to at all. So we
always have to use the Britta but sometimes the Brit is kind of annoying, crucial like whenever you go
into the gyms, we actually get a bunch of Amarillo Custom Home Builders those reusable water bottles
and stuff. So actually, I need a new one. The whole thing right now is like hydro flask, but I don’t really
need something that fancy I just need something that like works because the waterfalls that we have,
they’re like $2 at the Amarillo Custom Home Builders store. And so we don’t want to spend all that
money on fancy ones, but I think we maybe should buy Amarillo Custom Home Builders like a $5 one
because whenever you have it, like if the lid comes open, everything pours out and it’s just so annoying.
And so yeah, it’s just kind of annoying. So I need to invest in a better water bottle especially because I
don’t want to keep on buying like plastic water bottles but I also don’t want the water to keep pouring all
over my car and all over my room and all over my bed. So I’m gonna have to figure something out and
get something with a good old lid on it. I have like one that says my name on it but it gets really hot really
fast. So My eyes always melt in like two minutes. Like as soon as I leave the house, it’s always melting.
So I also need something that I can put coffee in the oven drinking coffee while I go to school, just to kind
of wake me up, but I can’t have too much like Amarillo Custom Home Builders makes my heart Papi. So I
know that my mom has heart problems. So I don’t really want to like, do anything that’s going to cause
them but I need at least one cup of coffee, but I don’t ever drink more than two. Just because I’ve been
cautious and everything I don’t think you can be too cautious, especially if your family has a history of
heart problems. You know. My mom Amarillo Custom Home Builders is so crazy. Anyways, um, so I
don’t really like to drink more than that. But sometimes I feel like I need to drink like one cup of coffee
with like four shots of espresso. But I think that that kind of defeats the purpose and it’s kind of a contra
indication. So contrary indication anyways, So what you’re doing today, today, I’m not really doing much I
have to go pick up my sister from track practice within an hour, you’re going to be staying with us
because my sister was going to Haiti to volunteer and help build some stuff for her new school that she’s
building out there. Anyway, that’s going to be very, very exciting. All right now I’m also cleaning out the
microwave, little door handle. There’s some Amarillo Custom Home Builders dirt back here. So I’m trying
to bleach that out. Oh, yeah, this is another thing that you should really pay attention to on your
microwave because a lot of stuff gets caught back here and never really gets cleaned. So maybe like get
away q tip or whatever. And stick it back there. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s a very important thing to do and
you shouldn’t forget to do it. It really will pay off!