And also talk about the central heating there as well. Along that line, you know, are you going to have to
have more than one system? What are you going to have to do? They’re going to depend on how big
your home is going to Amarillo Custom Home Builders be? And of course, where you live as well. And
also what types of appliances Do you want in your kitchen? There are a lot of different opportunities that
you can have. So do you want an ice maker? Do you want Amarillo Custom Home Builders a built in
microwave? How many ovens Do you want? I know some ovens good or some kitchens can have like
two or three ovens in there. I know that that is a thing. Do you want to trash compactor a garbage
disposal? dishwasher event hook top stove? Stuff like that? And what style counter do you have in mind?
Do you want a marble? I don’t really know all the different types straight on to my head. But I do know
that there are a ton of different lines to take into consideration Amarillo Custom Home Builders like
different colors and everything and then also What colors do you want your cabinets and counters to be
really need to decide that and what color do you want your walls to be all of those can be kind of made
Later on and like but especially whenever they start you need to really have it in mind. And then also, do
you want a gas or electric stove? this awesome Japan I don’t really enjoy gas. But I really do like electric
but sometimes stuff tastes better on electric but everything does cook different. So really take into
consideration what you have right now and then decide then what you want. And your new home. And
then also Do you want a sound system in your living room? Are you going to have Amarillo Custom
Home Builders like a movie room or anything? Along those lines? What kind of other rooms Do you want
in your house? Do you want to just be small like a two bed two bath? Or do you want it to be humongous
with a movie room and a pool room and everything? And with the pool outside? What do you think it’s up
to you and what your family needs and how many people are going to be living in the home? Depending
on like that depends on how many rooms and everything and how many baths or bathrooms Do you
want? Also, Do you need any like landscaping? Things like do you need a new driveway? flowerbed
sidewalks, you know, how do you want them? What is the path you want? Another thing that you might
also take in to consideration or the entry doors. How many do you want? I know that we have four but I
know that that’s not all the time necessary and maybe you only want Amarillo Custom Home Builders like
two front door the back door we have a front door back door side door. And another side door. You
know, are we do we only have three? Now we have four? Okay, Anyways, I’m sorry. And also do you
want to double or single door? We have all single doors and do you want them like partial glass or solid?
Do you want a screen door? How do you want that and also what kind of siding Do you want for the
exterior of your home? There’s like brick, stucco or siding. Yeah, so there’s just a lot of different options
there. And then you also need to look at So let’s go back to roofing. There’s composition roofs and metal
roofs and then other types. And then some other types of siding are like vinyl siding, Breakstone, stucco.
And then also you need to take into consideration how many windows you want, where you want the
windows, what type of course where you’re talking about that. So there’s like casement windows single
hung clad double hung mirrors. There’s just like a lot of different options there. And then the thing is what
style home Are you trying to achieve Amarillo Custom Home Builders? Maybe this is like one of the first
questions that you’re going to ask is it going to be like a modern minimalism home? Or is it going to be
like a huge home with like a lot of different types of amenities and stuff in it a lot of different details
everywhere. And do you do a lot of cooking you know, do you do inside to you Do you do outside
cooking, and also really take into consideration what the most we’re most used room in the house is
going to be you know, and really like take into consideration everything in that room. And especially, I
mean, of course in every single room as well but really take into consideration the details of this group
specifically, because it’s going to be where you’re spending most of your time. Yeah. We are more than
happy to provide the new homeowner, you, with tons of questions that you will want to consider when
building your new Amarillo Custom Home Builders home. There are so many different aspects that go
into building a new home and we want to make sure that you are getting everything you ever dreamed of
having! Most people only ever build one home and then live in that home until they die. We want that for
you. We want to make your dream home impossible to leave and make it into the home of your dreams!
It’s going to be fantastic and we want to do everything we can for you. You will spend the majority of your
time in your home and you Amarillo Custom Home Builders will not want to be dreading that. We want to
make it a place that you can go to relax and unwind. You will not regret hiring the team over at Chaney
Construction to accomplish your dreams! We will get to work right away providing you with sketches and
3-D images of your future dream home.