Okay, so this is going to be a super long Amarillo Custom Home Builders talk about a lot of different
things. I’m are going to just see how many different things we can cover in this talk. So, first things that
up in this top is the topic of my favorite restaurant. So my favorite restaurant is definitely let me think
about it. I think that I would have to say, I don’t know, probably all of Amarillo Custom Home Builders
garden. I love all of garden so much because it’s so good. And I love the I love Italian food and I love
really do love their breadsticks there. When I go there, I could eat like 15 million breadsticks in one
setting, I think I can eat so many, I’m pretty sure that I would be on a breadsticks by now, you know, and
also, I don’t really like salad that much, but I really do like their dressing. So I like to add so much
dressing and just have a little bit of lettuce and so kind of highlighted that, but Amarillo Custom Home
Builders I mean, I don’t I don’t mind that like I enjoy it. So it’s just pretty cool and everything and I like
that. And then also I love their soup. They have this chicken and no cheese soup. No g Yeah. Anyways,
um yeah, it’s just really tasty. And you can I get it like almost every single time I go. And then also
Amarillo Custom Home Builders some things that I have ordered before is the lasagna. I like lasagna, but
I tend to like my lasagna more homemade than in the restaurant just going I feel like it usually comes out
better that way. But maybe I’m just trying the wrong places. I don’t know. But, you know, like I said, this
might be a restaurant. So I mean, I don’t know how I can be the wrong place. But you know, I don’t know.
So that’d be kind of a topic for Amarillo Custom Home Builders later time. Anyways, another thing that I
like is it’s called like eggplant parmesan or whatever, something like that. And anyways, it is so phreaking
good. And should please give me like an eggplant, deep fried and then maybe just battered and bait I
don’t really know and then put on like this thing. Like this bed of spaghetti and stuff and mozzarella sauce
and it’s just super good. And super Amarillo Custom Home Builders delicious and pleasures, kind of what
I love and then my favorite drink is cranberry grape juice. And it’s so good. I drink like every single
morning and it’s awesome. Okay, and it’s so good. So my second favorite restaurant would probably
have to be not really anywhere specific just like steak houses. I love steaks. I like to get my steak with
like medium done and solid a little bit pink inside but not too much. But even if it has a little bit too much
being I’m still fine. I like it. I feel like it has more flavor whenever you have it was painting it and it bleeds
a little bit that’s kind of sad and Amarillo Custom Home Builders gross. But anyways, I felt like whenever
you make it well done, it kind of just tastes like you’re eating like, like a hamburger. You know what I’m
saying? Like it just kind of feels like I know beef. And so sometimes you don’t really like that. I know that I
definitely don’t So anyways, and then I like to also go to Texas Roadhouse, because they have these
roles that are so good. And then they also have this sentiment about her with their roles. Cinnamon,
butter, cinnamon butter, with the roles and it is so good. I could eat so many roles. Honestly, I be in so
many roles that now I have too many roles, you know, I’m saying? Anyway, so I also like to drink
raspberry lemonade. That’s just like a really yummy thing that I like to drink, but sometimes I don’t really
like it if it’s like warm at all and used Amarillo Custom Home Builders to be iced and like not even room
temperature. I won’t drink it. But you can’t really get that very many restaurants. So here’s a fun fact
about me. I do not like tea. I don’t like sweet tea. I like sweet tea. I don’t like any kind of tea and
sometimes I tried to make Yeah, sometimes I try to make like lemonade and tea. I don’t know just
because I heard that was really good. But I just hate it so much. And yeah, I just wish I liked it but I really
don’t like lettuce either once again unless it’s covered in all the garden sauce as always called sauce no I
think it’s called dressing on the garden sauce they made that I feel like that would really sell out because
all garden is so good. Anyways so yeah, sauce from Amarillo Custom Home Builders Olive Garden is the
only way I like to eat my lettuce and yeah, so is pretty good but I also hate it I’m whenever it’s not with it
and then I also do like the like from Sonic whenever I go to Sonic I like to get cherry limeaids. I’ve been
drinking a lot of those recently and I think that is so good. So next we’re going to talk about music. I’m
going to be odd some anyways, so the type of music that I love is Texas country. Red Dirt music red dirt.
Rebel is the library radio station and the topic that is so Amarillo Custom Home Builders good. They play
all my favorite jams in Lubbock. So, Alyssa, talk about it. Let’s just talk let’s just dive right on it Aaron
Watson his live live in all around Abilene and so I live in Abilene, so I always try to look for him. I think
that it’s so awesome. So anyways, so I like Aaron Watson Casey Donahue, Josh Abbott band Parker
McCollum go out shotgun Ryder That’s just to name a few off the top of my head. Oh also flatland
Calvary is one of my recently my recent favorites.