Do you need help choosing the home builder amarillo near you, for one of your projects? If you’re needing an affordable home builder amarillo near you, then you need to call Chaney construction. We have been rated five stars and You will experience the highest and most rated custom home builder amarillo and the Texas Panhandle when dealing with Chaney Construction. We have been making dreams come true. Since 2005, and would love the opportunity to get the job done for you. We build, because we want you to be able to get your dream home. We not only make custom homes we also do remodels and light commercials for office buildings. Call today and see if you can get your appointment scheduled with Chaney construction the best home builder amarillo , to get the perfect job done for you and your family. Through this article we will be talking more about additions, and remodeling our custom homes and our light commercial work.


First we are going to be talking more about our custom homes. All of our custom homes are uniquely designed for you. They will not be the average cookie cutter homes, you have seen online or down the street. Chaney construction has proudly been building custom homes since 2005, and we do not want to build a row of homes that look like the average Joe house building a home is not something that you do every day, but it is something that we do. The process of building a new custom home may seem daunting to you, but rest assured, we will make this journey as laid back as possible, but you will still get the best work done for an affordable price today. Here’s how the home builder amarillo will help you achieve this. We help homeowners realize their dream home, and we make it come true. We will ask a bunch of questions that you would like in your home with details and help them build it accordingly to how they want. We will ask you all the right questions that will need to get your design up and running. We will ask if you would like, how many closets. What style of home is your favorite. How many rooms would you prefer? Do you like to spend more time cooking or in the living room? How big would you like your kitchen? How big would you like her masters and if you would like to walk in his and her closets and his and her sinks in the Masters well. We have had people who like their laundry room separate from the house, put their laundry area in their closet, right off the master bathroom. We can put them in the back part of the closet, so you can take your clothes right there, and keep it in a secretive area so no one would ever see your laundry like when homes put the washer and dryer right there in the kitchen, nobody wants that. Just think of how easy it is to keep your dirty laundry basket right there in your room, take it to your closet, do your laundry, get to hang up your clothes right there in your closet area, don’t ever have to worry about going back and forth from laundry room or wherever your laundry may be located where you like folding your laundry. You can do it straight out the dryer, don’t have to worry about the clutter, or anything like that. We can make sure you have enough storage for everything in your home.


Second, we will set a plan ahead of time, that will be perfect, we will take a look over everything and make sure that the plans are perfect with you. We will get everything set up. So we will start completely from scratch. If you do not like it, But if you like it, we will go ahead and go through with it and start the process of getting your home started. We will then find all the sub tractors and give them bids to work with your home. That way, you only have to pay one cost. That way you won’t have to worry about all these different companies, getting money from you and it just been too overwhelming. We will set allowances for plumbing and electrical fixtures appliances and hardware, as well. We want you to have a safe option and allow a category based style in your home.


Well then get your estimate finished selections and get all the software programs ready and uploaded for you. We will send you an invitation, and you will create your own account. So you can see the project and take a look around. Once you have decided on the upgrade choices. You will then make new to finalize the estimating purpose. We will then draw up a contract document, and have everything set up, we will have a fixed or cost contract amount specifications and allowances final set of home plans, general conditions payment schedule. Draw request. Limited Warranty mold disk disclosure statement information disclosure inspection checklist punch list Certificate of substantial completion warranties and performance standards acknowledgement of receipt and warranties and performance standards. And last, the home builder amarillo the natural stone information. This is a part of what our company stands for. You will have all the info, up front, nothing will be hidden. So there is no reason you have to worry in the end.


Once we have signed all the contracts and everything like that. We will set up a schedule of the deadlines to meet, and it gets the job done for you so you can have your home as soon as possible by the best home builder amarillo in Amarillo.If you would like to get in contact with trading construction, be sure to call us at 806869215, or come visit us at 1318, West Kentucky Avenue in Pampa Texas 79065. But remember, we can travel all over the Texas Panhandle to come and meet your needs.