Have you bought a duplex home and want everything to be opened up if so you need some home builder amarillo and the Texas panhandle. We can open up the walls and give you a large kitchen and large living room, open concept. You have your washer and dryer located in your kitchen and not have enough cabinet space and counter space to do your cooking. We can add a laundry room for you so you can have a separate area to keep your washer and dryer quiet. We can also put in lots of cabinets so you have lots of storage for all the chemicals, you need to do laundry. If you like a lot of natural light in your house we can add a couple windows in there as well. If you’ve always wanted a fireplace in your house, we can add one to make a beautiful focus point when you first walk in. You have a weird kitchen layout and would like it to wrap around so you can see everybody in the living room as well. Or would you like to have a bar placed, so you can have seating arrangements at the bar, while you have your dining area as well.If you have a large family we can add a large dining area. Off the living room and kitchen with beautiful light fixtures.If you have teenagers we can add a basement with a kitchen area, and a living room area, and also where it has its own bath, so they can have that dorm living feel before they go off to college. Also when they have friends over this is an area they can go so it doesn’t get crowded in your living area and they can have their own space. Would you like to add a large game room to your home. Or maybe you would like to add a room for your child to paint in if they want to be an artist. Maybe you would like to add a wall of mirrors If you have a ballerina in training. No matter what you are needing done Chaney Construction is the right home builder amarillo for you. 

Now let’s talk more about what the home builder amarillo can do for you. How does a large master bedroom with a large full bath with his and her sinks and your own personal counter space and cabinets. We can also put in two walk in closets right off the bathroom so you can get dressed and go straight to your mirror and give you more room for your bedroom. We can add a wall just for the storage for purses, shoes accessories and valuables to be in a wall safe. If you would like windows put in we can place them and figure out if you would like carpet put in your bedroom or if you would like a new choice of hardwood flooring. We can give you a completely up to date bathroom that will have beautiful tiles and we can add a deep tub. 

If you have lots of little ones running around and grandkids coming over all the time. We can add a playroom for you so you can have a section for all the toys that they can play with, or that they bring it over. So it’s not making your living room too crowded. Whenever people are over. We can also make a small bathroom area where you can have a smaller toilet closer to the ground for your children or grandchildren. We can also do a smaller sink, that is more accessible to children. No matter what the project is, the home builder amarillo aka Chaney Construction can get the job done for you.

Have you bought a rundown home, that is uninhabitable. Maybe you need a new driveway or want both the interior and exterior of the home painted. Maybe you want the landscape done and maybe add a new fence. If this is the case You need the home builder amarillo if you want to flip this home and make a profit. If so, we can help you completely remodeled the home, start from scratch, open up walls, put down new flooring. If you would like to add central heating air, we can do that as well. We can also contact different companies to help us get each job done, just the way you want so you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting each company for each project. We can make sure all the electrical and plumbing is good in your home. We can also add rooms. Some rooms, or we can add bathrooms, or if you would like we can add a walk in closets To make each sale more profitable. Contact the home builder amarillo today by calling Chaney Construction at 806-886-2915. Don’t wait around when you can get a full remodel at an affordable price with some of the finest products to design your home and make your house a dream come true. 

Be sure to call Chaney Construction today and talk to one of our friendly staff members.We would love to answer any questions you may have. concerning a remodel that you’ve seen on our website. And you can also look up testimonies that our customers have said about us. And they talk a little bit more about what construction we’ve done for them but also, they will tell you how friendly, all of our staff is and how upfront we are about the price. We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible. So trust us to get the job done for you or anyone you may know in the Texas Panhandle.The Chaneys have been doing this since 2005, and have made many clients happy, and they tend to use Chaney Construction. Afterwards, because of the great prices. The friendly customer service, and just all around great work.