Here at Chaney Construction,one of the home builder amarillo tx ,  we have been helping people since 2005, and have many happy clients who have their testimonies on our website and our Facebook, be sure to follow us on Facebook, for all the upcoming information about training construction. You can also find information about the Chaneys on our website and get to know them a little bit more, and why they do what they do. Our prices at Chaney’s Construction are some of the best prices you will see for the Texas panhandle and home builder amarillo tx .No matter what you’re wanting, we can accomplish it. If you check out our gallery we have pictures of before and afters of all of the work we have done in the past years. We also have all the testimonies from our clients talking about Chaney Construction, what they did for them and how friendly our staff was. We would love to get the chance to prove to you why Chaney Construction is the best in the Texas panhandle.


Would you like to add carpet to your bedrooms? If you would like to add tile to your bathrooms, or update your bathrooms completely. We are more than capable of doing that for you.We can also add a sunroom to your home, so you can sit back and relax, but not have to be outside during the summer getting bit by bugs or worry about getting too hot. If you would like to add more space and storage to your master we can add room and make walk in his and her closets to fit all your needs. We can add a vanity for her and some extra storage in closets to keep the clutter to a minimum. We all know when it comes to a big family it is hard to keep a nice and neat home but with Chaney Construction we can give you all the storage and space you and your family needs. Call us today and see what the home builder amarillo tx can do for you.


If you own a company and need walls knocked down or if you would like to add a bathroom, kitchen, or maybe a waiting area Chaney Construction can help you. Come to the home builder amarillo tx and get the job done quick. If you are a doctor’s office we can open up the area you give you a big waiting area and separate the back space into rooms for all of you sick patients. We can add a room in the front for all your clients to sign in through the window then have a seat. If you are a pediatrician we can add an area for children and parents to go because we all know how hard it is to get your child to sit still. There’s no reason to ask parents to have their child sit still when you can have a play room area for the children, and make it more pleasing to the adults who have children to wait for their appointments. If you would like to add parking, we can contact other companies and set up everything you will need at one cost, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of working with many different companies and figuring out which company will do the best job for you, for each project.


If you are needing a custom home, then you need home builder amarillo tx Chaney Construction to help you. No matter what you are needing we can make it happen for you and your family.If you are needing a two story, six bedroom house with five bathrooms, we can do that.If you would like to add a huge kitchen and living room, and have two masters in your house with walk in closets and vanities in the bathrooms we can do that for you as well. You can choose to have carpet, and your rooms are hardwood flooring, you can add any type of flooring to your bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms.You can make sure to keep everything spacious.If you have big families, it works great around Christmas time and thanksgiving when everyone decides to come over or when you want to host any holiday parties with lots of people.If you work from home, we can add a spacious office away from the busy areas and have with a bookshelf on one wall to keep all your books. By we can add all the shelving and cabinets you will need. If you would like a half bath next to it we can do that for you as well. If you have older kids we can make the basement a spacious area with a living and kitchen area with its own bathroom to give them that dorm living feel when they go off to college. We use the best products to design your home and always try and keep our layouts unique and have a great color scheme. We will do any flooring you want and if you are wanting something that our company can’t do we can get the right people on the job for any project you may have. We always want to have happy customers so tell us what we can do to make you happy and let’s start today! Call Chaney Construction and let us help you!


Would like to get in contact with the people at Chaney Construction, be sure to call us at 806-886-9215. Or go check out our Facebook, or website online about the home builder amarillo tx . We would love to hear from you today and see what Chaney Construction can do for you and your family. Here at Chaney Construction we can look past all the outdated things in your home and turn it into your dream house no matter if you don’t have the space or not. We do not mind sitting down with you and discussing everything you will need to know before starting any remodel or custom home by home builder amarillo tx.