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You can reach us at 806869215. You can also find our store at 1318, West Kentucky Avenue Pampa Texas 79065. If you would like to come in. We can sit down with you and get a list of everything you are looking for, and see what the best option for the best price would be for you and your family. We love getting good deals to people and want to make sure that you can get everything for your price. Chaney Construction has some of the friendliest staff, and they love helping and answering questions that you may have. They also are there to get the job done. They will be in and out, but getting the job done. The in the most efficient way possible. Be sure to call today if you would like a free estimate from home builder amarillo tx no matter where you are located. We can come to you as long as it is in the Texas Panhandle. Be sure and give us this opportunity to take your home and make it into everything you would possibly want a need for you and your family. We love helping people out, and would love to get to know you and help, and how we can help you today. Jimmy and Amy Chaney are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They absolutely love doing what they do, and would love the chance to get to do it for you. They not only keep clients. They also make friends. They are not here just to take your money. We are here to help you get the best out of your home. We use some of the finest products with our remodels, and would love the chance to get to let you get to see what your home could look like. We look past all the outdated features and give you your beautiful home. If you would like work done on the outside of the house we can do that for you. Any project we aren’t able to do personally we can get a different company to come to get the job done and at no hassle or cost to you.