Find out how to succeed with Chaney Construction. So an autoimmune disease is a disease where your immune system kind of gets confused and starts attacking itself starts attacking your own body, because I think that your body is the enemy as opposed to fighting off the true enemy, which is sicknesses and diseases, viruses. And so I might have been slightly on the autoimmune spectrum prior to is what we’ve determined that the West Nile really kicked out into overdrive and the fatigue was a huge concern for the doctor. For me to run Chaney Construction and be a Home Builder Amarillo this is not good.

So one of the things that happens when you have West Nile and this was something that nobody had told me prior to going to this doctor, nobody informed me nobody educated me about this is that one of the main things when it comes to West Nile virus, some of the people that die one of the things from that disease, which is a rare percentage of people that die from it, and they either contract meningitis, which is like a pretty quick death or or they have adrenal failure. And so your adrenal glands really produce the produce, you know, the adrenal hormone, so West Nile attacks the adrenal glands, and so what happens is that you can then in turn, get what they call Addison’s disease. So Addison’s disease is where basically, your adrenal glands go into failure, and that could be life threatening, like for you to have an adrenal gland failure, cause you to die very quickly. And so we did testing for that, which was kind of scary for me being a Home Builder Amarillo. But we found that my adrenal glands, we’re not in failure, they just weren’t functioning the way they should, it’s, they were not producing enough of the adrenal hormone that I needed in order to be able to stop my fatigue. So we assessed that, and I took supplements to help increase my production.

And, and that was a huge help for me working at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And we also took different types of testing and things like that, and found that was very depleted, and quite a few vitamins and minerals, and very depleted and so we did around of therapeutic IV treatments. And so when I say therapeutic IV, I don’t mean like these Ivy hydration stations that you see, I mean, like, we did a, basically a cocktail, everything that I was depleted of, in the recommended amount of doses that I should be receiving on a daily basis. And I did IV treatments at that. And so we did quite a few those that did help. And, and then we’ve also done some other extensive testing, some hormone testing, things like that.

And just to figure out what really is going on with my body where things really out of whack, and what can we do to correct these types of situations, and to keep them from causing me further problems as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so through all of that, and, you know, my said, I have, and, you know, we tested my and a marker, which is auto immune indicator, and the first time it was a positive which the first one can be a false positive. So we tested we tested frequently and it’s always remain the same. And so the last time that I did go to the doctor and it did go up to hitters which means that it is getting a little bit worse, it’s not dropped great leaps and bounds, but it is getting a little bit worse. And so my immune system is something that’s extremely compromised. And the side effect of my immune system being this compromise is that it really attacks my and muscle tissue, which is also a side effect of the West Nile. So these things are kind of working hand in hand, kind of double teaming my body. And so I have a lot of severe neck and shoulder pain. And when I see severe neck and shoulder pain, if you can think of a time when you slept wrong.

And if you can imagine that on a daily basis, probably times 10, I have lots of great shoulder pain, neck pain down my back pain this is not good for me as a Home Builder Amarillo. So I’m in a lot of pain on a daily basis. We’ve tried different types of prescription medications to be able to try to kind of reset my immune system. And those don’t typically help and some of them have made me sick, but my doctor instantly takes me off of them, the minute that a start to make me sick or start to make me agitated, some of them have had kind of a psychological effect on me, kind of like what I told him as it made me downright mean. And so he’s very keen on watching all of those things.

And to me off of them, the minute that any type of bad side effect pops up, because he’s not really big on pushing prescriptions, that the side effects are really not good for a Home Builder Amarillo. And so he’s very mindful of that. And there’s no point in taking it if the side effects are going to be just as bad or equally as worse as what I’m going through. And so more recently, we’ve been doing pro zone injections. And what that is, is it’s basically an injection in the muscle and the tissue and down to the tendons and in my neck and shoulder. Sometimes we do them in my hips, where I have a lot of cramping and a lot of issues in my hips, my hip muscles and so he basically takes the solution of it’s basically sugar water and pumps that in to the injection sites and many hooks up and is the native oxygen machine to the end of the tunnel oranges and pumps, this is a native oxygen into the injection site.