Find out more about Chaney Construction. We left off talking about the quality of products. Here we go again. You can also get the valve body with stops, so that later. If the homeowner has to work on the faucet or a plumber they can just turn off the water to that specific fixture right there by taking the solution played off, which is pretty cool and pretty valuable. So, now then, let us talk about tool is especially color our team at Chaney Construction especially use a lot of color toilets and as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo, I believe in colors bullets had very good luck with them. And we use professional grade toilets and No, they are not cheap. Chaney Construction team members use the color Cimarron quite frequently. And it is kind of our go to is just a standard great toilet. And you can buy that same toilet at Lowe’s or Home Depot for considerably less than what we use the differences is the flushing system. Today, we are down to 1.2 point 1.28 gallons per minute per flush, which is not a lot of water.

I mean, just a few years ago some of these tools use five plus gallons of water imagine a five gallon bucket to flush the toilet out well that is going to that is going to clean the toll it out great. But today, you know that Chaney Construction employees as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo are limited and as a society we are using so much less water which is great for our environment but it is not great to clean our tool itself. So, along with all that they have developed, all these flushing system was actually make a lot less water go a long way so kind of lack of pressure washer, you can take just a couple of gallons of water pressure washer apply pressure to it, and it is amazing what that will do to just to clean things or whatever you are trying to do with your pressure washer. Well flushing system operates kind of similar to that so they can mechanically engineer things to work that the water, smaller amount of water will do a much better job flushing the toilet. The chief first of all it is, you may have to flush two or three times to get them to clean out especially after you take a big dump. And that is kind of gross it is just nice to have it just to clean out the first time, and it helps to keep it clean, stay clean, and also the parts are just a little bit better they are going to last longer. As far as the porcelain. I really do not know that answer I suspect maybe it is the same.

I think you probably pay more for the mechanical parts of the toilet, higher quality reports and, and maybe their design slightly different, they do not say that you can not really take it until that but Custom Home Builder Amarillo should make you aware of all these things it is not, it is not good for a Custom Home Builder Amarillo to run over at Home Depot and buy your stuff, just because it is cheaper because likely what is going to happen is they are going to put that extra profit in their pocket, and you are going to get a lesser product and probably not even know it. Custom Home Builder Amarillo uses quality products they uses trust, trust and tried and true products that are known to be professional grade contractor grade is technically what they are called I often call them professional grade because I just think it sounds better contractor grade often it is nice to meet you. downgraded in my way. But the important thing for you to know and to learn is just the difference in in value and the difference in looked at longevity and the difference in the quality and just to know that there is a big difference.

And do not let the dollar signs sway you because you are going to possibly end up with the faucet that you may have to work on forever. With the contractor grade, professional grade faucets. They have a lifetime warranty. So if you have a drink or a leak. They are going to send you the part, and if it is an emergency they’ll overnight that oftentimes I’ve had customers and maybe their rain had gotten a match and they would overnight a new one. And, you know, that is incredibly good service. And I just think all those things are very important to consider those bosses are extremely easy to work on. It just takes a few minutes for the homeowner can do it most generally extremely easy.

So, thank you for listening to the Custom Home Builder Amarillo. Remember that our team here at Chaney Construction is here to serve you the home owner and our communities around the Texas Panhandle. We are the highest and most reviewed Home Builder in the entire Texas Panhandle which says a lot about us and what we are doing in the Texas Panhandle for many people just like you trying to build their dream home and trying to build their dreams in general. We are doing more than just building four walls and a roof we are building dreams and we are changing peoples lives every single day. It really is an honor to be a part of something so great here at Chaney Construction and we hope that all of our homeowners feel the same way. We would love to visit with you. Call us today or check out or website. Take a look at the pictures of our projects and see what people are saying about us as builders. We love what we do here at Chaney Construction and we look forward to many many more years of serving the communities in the Texas Panhandle, there is not other place we would rather be.