Good morning this is Jimmy with Chaney Construction and we’re going to continue to talk about roofs this morning. And different options. And from here, I’ll go on to talk about metal roughs. There’s a lot to consider with the metal.  a few years ago everyone was using in our panel. And then they came along with the panel. And now there’s just all different kinds of CPF panels and different panels that will give a completely different look to heroes. And there are many, many companies all the way down from Mueller to larger still, and they have the most amazing roughing panels you could ever imagine. One downfall that I see to metal, roughing it is people think, Oh, it’s going to last forever, it’s just never going to have to replace that. Never going to have to change it. And we have a roof that we can just count on for the rest of our lives, and never have to worry about again.

Well, I guess in the sense that could possibly be true if you avoided a hailstorm. But the balance side The bad thing is with sun anything is going to be eaten away and calm and as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo we know just the elements and the surroundings and things that are rough as exposed to which is practically everything that we cannot handle as humans. I mean, just imagine being on a roof and just accepting that he in and day out the cold snow, the hell the rain snow, it just goes on and on and on a roof takes a huge amount of abuse keeps all those things off of us off of our his Custom Home Builder Amarillo will just make sure that you’re informed and hopefully tell you that these roads aren’t going to last forever. And even if they do, they may look like poop because they’re faded. Or, you know, they just need attention and maintenance. With Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction you don’t need anything else!

And oftentimes I see mold and things on the road. So definitely a little bit of care of it is extremely, extremely dangerous to be a metal roof because once it’s wet, it is slick. So you definitely want to take time to learn about what you’re wanting to use. And oftentimes, you know, there’s these things called CF panels and short runs a look great, but oftentimes on longer runs of roofing and there’s something called oil can again, even though it’s a great looking real, that can be kind of bothers them, because it doesn’t lay exactly flat. And it’s kind of wavy. Or I don’t know if you’d call it wavy. Or frankly, or maybe neither one is just kind of soft little ripples or roles, and it doesn’t lay flat. And oftentimes people can be unhappy with that there’s just a ton of different colors and panels that you can go with. And from there, there’s a product called stone coated steel which formally decorated the leader in that industry. And they have many different products to offer. It’s a beautiful rough, I have it on my own house, I don’t think that I would probably put that back if it came down to that because well, just for us personally, we put up our Christmas lights on the road. And people don’t consider that even though I’m trying to make sure that they are he can only walk on certain spots are certain areas otherwise it will tend to crush the middle single down and it’s really disappointing to me that to happen. But basically they don’t sit flat on the roof deck and they set up on board. So they’re kind of Paulo underneath. It’s a great roof. Don’t get me wrong, and it’s a great looking around the beautiful.

Actually, I can also tell where there’s mold and mildew or algae growing where the water runs down and on the edge at the ends of the roof, it’s starting to grow up in a start that discolors at the shingles a little bit, it’s just but it is a beautiful rough, it’s a great growth. I mean, we used to do a lot of them. I’m not sure, really, while we haven’t had so many calls for those lately, but they are extremely durable, extremely hell resistant, they are a class for the roof, they will get you a discount on your insurance. The initial cost of these routes is probably in the neighborhood of seven to $800 a square. That’s a lot. So let’s just say on a say, 20 Square house, I mean, you’re looking at $14,000, 20 squares is not a lot at all. And $14,000 is probably about the average, let’s just say $14,000 will do like the 6000 square feet, which is 60 squares of composition rough easily. So there’s a huge difference across and just mostly I think people would pick this product for the look and maybe their budgets not a big issue. They’re not too worried about the budget. And they’re more worried about the look and durability. And it’s a great option. And those cases have several different patterns to choose from several different colors. You definitely want to have a qualified and certified installer for this for us, because it can fail if not installed properly. It’s very very, very important to have a good installer for these for us.

There are many complicated parts and you just want an experienced installer that knows metal and how to cut metal and how to mostly how to install the roof according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Because if not, the warranty will be voided these singles can blow off if they’re not installed correctly. If they are installed correctly they should not blow off they should stay on and they should be standing 120 hundred 30 miles an hour wind and we don’t have those very often but it does happen and lately here we’ve had a lot of microbursts but I haven’t heard of any failures with the stone code is still rough home Custom Home Builder Amarillo will show you these options let you make your choice and your decision Custom Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction will be knowledgeable about these products and there are also many other brands and just grow through the years I’ve seen a lot of reps that have failed a lot of rows that maybe people thought were going to be cheaper and they are maybe just knock offs and I don’t know maybe someone in the garage just trying to make a new roof and trying to make it make it wealthy and then it’s a solid on someone’s home and then they spend a ton of money and then they’re stuck with the roof that’s failed and that’s kind of disheartening to see so for me I would stick with a name brand products that have been tried tested and let her true Custom Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction will know about these things and they’re not going to give you some knock off road hopefully Chaney Construction. We try to make sure and educate our customers on all aspects of all aspects of their home. Thank you for listening to us at Chaney Construction a Custom Home Builder Amarillo today.