Stay tuned in to learn more about Chaney Construction. It’s Tuesday morning. And this is Amy Chaney, with Chaney Construction, a Home Builder Amarillo. And so today I just wanted to talk about a little bit of things that have been going on personally for us. So yesterday I only worked half a day because I had to go to the doctor. And so I went to the doctor, my husband went to the doctor and our daughter went to the doctor. And so through all that, we had some different types of things that we needed to go to the doctor to discuss. So we just kind of planned the whole afternoon for each of us to see the doctor. And so just a little bit about our doctor. And we’ve actually done some work for him. And, and which turned out fantastic.

And it’s always fun because our children go to the same doctor. And to hear this place looks great is always a lot of fun. Because they, they get to see our work and different types of settings. And it’s always kind of nice for them to be able to walk into a place and be proud of that. And so anyway, so our doctor is a MD do actually. And so what that means is that he’s received higher training and different levels of certifications. So he is also he can do chiropractic adjustments, as well as a whole vast array of other different types of testing and different types of treatments that he can do. So it’s really a lot of fun to go to see him, because it’s not the normal as a Home Builder Amarillo, he’s not just your normal doctor who does the normal things, here’s your symptoms, I’m going to write your prescription to try to curb the symptoms, and we’re really not going to ever know what caused your symptoms, he takes an entirely different approach. He does not like to bandaid symptoms.

He likes to look at the symptoms to try to assess where they’re coming from what is causing these symptoms. And so in a lot of cases, and he will prescribe as some type of supplement or something else besides a prescription in order to be able to bring the symptoms down. And so we can figure out what the root cause of is, there are a few cases where he will say, I recommend this prescription there. So, you know, this is the best course of action, I believe, for you as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction. And so with that type of Doctor we feel really comfortable with knowing that he’s got our health as the best interest, it’s his best interest is our health and not writing prescriptions, not just getting us out the door. He’s very in tune with different types of things that most doctors are not allowed to eat with.

So a great example of that is, you know, a bad gallbladder can be caused from super high levels of estrogen. And so that’s something that after my husband and I had our gall bladders taken out and our daughter and was in need of hers to be taken out, we took her to him, and that was the cause of her gallbladder be bad, was have super high levels of estrogen. And so that was amazing that no other doctor had ever stopped and said, hey, let’s check your estrogen levels. And so we now know that that’s the reason why my gallbladder had to be taken out is because super high levels of estrogen. And so we are very keen on different types of things like hormones, and those different types of things in your body as a Home Builder Amarillo we are intrigued by how our bodies are built. That has to be well balanced on a daily basis.

So anyway, so back in 2015, I did get bit by mosquito and contract at West Nile virus, and the doctors we saw then at that time, just chalked it up to it’s just West Nile, you’re going to be fine. Although I had some pretty severe symptoms and very lethargic lot like severe fatigue which does not do well if you are a Home Builder Amarillo. I mean, it was pretty bad when you’re standing up right on your two feet, talking to someone, and you almost fall asleep like very lethargic, and as well as severe muscle cramps and muscle cramps and muscles I didn’t know existed lots of intense pain from that, as well as a lot of muscle weakness and very severe headaches. And so the neurologist is actually the one who figured out what was wrong with me, but really just kind of said, you’re going to live with this, the rest of your life or symptoms may go way, but it might come back and we just don’t really know. But you only have West Nile like everything great. And so we took that for face value for almost a year. And I didn’t get better.

And I didn’t necessarily get worse. I didn’t think at the time, but I didn’t get better. So after a while, my husband strategy going to this doctor, and so I went along with him and to his appointments. And we discussed some acupuncture for some stuff for my husband. And while he was doing the acupuncture on my husband, I asked lots of questions about what is acupuncture? Good for? What all can you treat with acupuncture. So we discuss different themes, we discussed that headaches, it was very good for headaches. And by this time, I had a pretty crippling. And so that really kind of caught my attention. And so I decided to sign up to become a patient in his and I’m very glad that I did. So once we, once I got into the doctor. Now, I see once I got in, I just thought an eight teen page questionnaire and medical history about everything that I’ve ever had as a Home Builder Amarillo, or symptoms or anything is ever been wrong with me in the last, you know, 37 years of my life. So I got that filled out, we went to the doctor. and he reviewed all of my information. And what he concluded was that I might have been on the autoimmune spectrum prior to contracting West Nile, but then I contract with the West Nile and it really took a turn for the worse when it comes to my immune system.