Good morning to me this morning we’re going to talk about flooring for your home Custom Home Builder Amarillo will have multiple options of flooring for you to look at. Or you know there’s so many options this day and time and people are really aware of many of the great options that are out there you know back in the day carpet with that was just to go to even used to put carpet and bathrooms which is disgusting we still take it out today and I just grosses me out every time the way that people just urinate on their carpet for years and years to come. And then you take that out and it’s just so gross to say bathrooms are definitely not a place for carpet Custom Home Builder Amarillo will lead you through all of the different options and choices that there are they will guide you through this process.

Good options for bathrooms oftentimes are a towel that used to be the go-to for many years in the past. And the problem with the towel is that it is cold unless it’s heated. But you know, you can heat it with writing out for hitting, which is a great option. We do a lot of that. But a lot of times budget will not allow that and how it’s not only cold. It is hard. But it is a great option. If installed correctly. A very great option that’s beautiful. And that can last for many, many years. A lot of times, most recently we use a product called LBP or luxury vinyl plates. And when it’s basically rubber flooring or vinyl flooring. It’s kind of a twist off, oh, let’s say VC T, but it’s a lot more rubberized and it’s softer. And it’s very, very, very durable. It comes in a vast array of different patterns, colors, textures, you can get it pretty cheap, you know, in the cheapness. Basically. It’s based on that earlier and also the process that they have used to print or die pattern on to the LBP. You can get it that’s entirely say 20 inches by one inch that look like concrete you can get it that look like how that looks like stone you can get it in so many different varieties and so many different ways and it will just blow your mind all the different things that are available in this product.

Most commonly as it would look there are some great books out there and you know you can get click together which we don’t really recommend that’s good. And maybe like a remodel, one parent been work maybe just like a small kitchen, kitchen and living room but most January we try to avoid that and less there’s a good reason to do that. The downsides and the reason that you don’t want to use that in the bathroom is that water can get under it very easily. And once waters under there against what’s going to happen it’s basically going to be trapped and it’s not going to dry out and it’s just going to sit there and mold and mildew and steamed grow germs and grow stuff that you don’t really want to your house so we typically recommend glue down product and we try to use that as much as possible and it uses a pressure sensitive valve  a and that he’s Have you apply and then you let dry and then you lay the product now on top of that well is it 100% waterproof? No, but it will keep most water out.

And if you as long as you just don’t leave it flooded for hours and hours or days and days it’s going to be fine but it can take quite a lot of water but it is definitely not made just to be submerged in water for long periods of time. There’s really not a product that’s out there like that all the way down the ceramic tile it will get wet underneath and there’s no way for them to try out either I mean mortar is for us it will accept water so Custom Home Builder Amarillo will lead you through all these different options oftentimes I hear of people using staying concrete today and staying concrete is quite popular for a while but concrete is hard concrete as cold and I had that in my previous house and I ‘m just not a big advocate for it in the house. I think it can be very pretty I think it can look very well but it is just not, in my opinion, there are so many other better options to stay in time Custom Home Builder Amarillo will guide you through all of those options. So we’ll let you see the different options and possibly even go with you to look at them and select them.

One thing I would like to mention about the LBP is that there are different thicknesses of the LBP and there’s actually a product made by car and Diem Carpe Diem is one of the leaders in the industry. They’re also one of the more expensive but they have great products and great looking product. They started this process back in the 1970s, whenever this wasn’t even popular, wasn’t even a thing until the last few years, it’s really caught on. But they’ve been working on this and working on this and perfecting it and perfecting it and they really stand out as one of the top products at my mind as far as quality and especially as far as looks and feel they really have nailed it. So you can get pretty thick products. And it’s just so soft and nice to walk on. There’s one that’s amazed particularly it’s called a loosely and you can actually lay it loose and just let them basically set there has like a grip on the back. But we always glue that product down. I just don’t really believe in loosely I think that there’s apt to be problems personally. And we always just go ahead and take the time to blue that product down because loosely it’s just , in my opinion,ion the best way to go and that’s flooring it’s just amazing to walk on it because it has a little bit of cushion and it just feels so good on your feet and so good to walk on Custom Home Builder Amarillo will show you these options they’ll let you make your own choices and your own selections and hopefully guide you through the process not let you let you pick something that’s not going to work well or look well here home Custom Home Builder Amarillo is definitely on your side Custom Home Builder Amarillo should be there to make sure that what you select is going to not only look good but last good for many years to come.

And make sure that you know the pros and the cons and everything good and bad about it and make sure that you really are aware of all the things that could go wrong or all of the things that will go right and all of the things that are to your advantage and the reasons why you should select that or why you shouldn’t select it and you know sometimes there’s that one room that you never intend to use you can do something silly on there and maybe even not practical but you know that it’s not really for function but you can do it some more for looks and not too worried about your ability not too worried about anything really except for how it looks just maybe an unused room that you want to look pretty custom home builder will just make sure that you consider all of those things and that you are aware of them before you pick your flooring and before it is a stall. Thank you.