Tune in now to learn more about Chaney Construction. We have finally made it to Thursday. It’s definitely not Friday that we’ve waited for, but we’ve made it to Thursday. So today, we’ve got a lot going on as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction as well as just as a mom! And mostly kids stuff going on, though. So we have one of our kids just competing in one act play today. And then two other kids are going to track meet and Wellington. And then our fourth child is actually going to a career fair which as a Home Builder Amarillo makes us very happy. So there’ll be able to go and learn about different careers and different things like that, which we think is very valuable. And so we’re super excited about some of the things that are going on for our kids today. And, but I just wanted to speak a little bit though, about yesterday.

So yesterday, we did have a group interview, like we do every single Wednesday, and we had nine people confirm it, only three people showed up. And, you know, we always say that we’re looking for the right person consistently. And that is the truth. every single Wednesday at four o’clock, we hold group interviews, and whether we’re hiring for a physician or not, we’re constantly looking for somebody who might be able to build our a team. And so our a players are people who are willing to show up to work every single day, consistently with a positive attitude. So that means that they’re able to leave all of their problems at home.

And they’re able to show up and do their job and someone who can do everything that’s asked of them, and then some. And so when they get done with their tasks, at the end of the day, if there’s nothing else left to do, they’re asking us, what do you want me to do next, as opposed or finding something to do next, that’s even more ideal, as opposed to just standing around doing nothing, or being ready to go home early, if you’re ready to go home early, then you’ve got things on your mind besides work, and we need people that are there to work, you know, we need somebody who has a growth mindset, you know, successful people will learn everything is expected of them, and are everything that they need to learn. And then some and may do so without being told they have a growth mindset, they want to learn, they want to learn new things, they want to learn everything that they can possibly learn about their job about their industry as a Home Builder Amarillo.

So we also want people who are goal oriented, and we are very goal oriented, and our lives and where we want to be. And we want other people that are just as goal oriented as us. And so that’s something that we look we’re looking for, on a consistent basis as people who are goal oriented, and you know, some other things is just a willingness to learn, and being able to be coached with a positive attitude. So we do a lot of things that are detail oriented. And so there’s a lot of times that, you know, maybe they miss something, and when they’re coached about how to do it correctly, the next time, or how to remember to do something that they forgot, and that they do so with a positive attitude, you know, we have had employees in the past that when you coach them and bring to light, the fact that that they are missing something consistently, or they’re not doing something, what the way that they’re asked that just give a lot of pushback, it really like makes them mad and not productive, it’s productive, and for them to be positive about the coaching that they’re receiving. And then to be able to take that and learn from it, and be able to do the job correctly, time and time again. And we also have our willingness and attitude over skill set every single day, you know, yes, there’s a time and place and if we’re hiring for a specific role that does require some experience and doing specific tasks, then yes, those are going to come into play.

But in the beginning, we’re really looking for that willingness to learn in that attitude, positive attitude for us as a Home Builder Amarillo. And those are the things that really stand out to us as opposed to, you know, what kind of degrees they have, or where they’ve worked for the last five or 10 years. And a players are also people that have do more than is expected of them, even when no one is looking and that’s important to us a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. So we really need people that are self motivated, they don’t require somebody else to motivate them. And so they really just need you don’t need that they just have their own set of standards that are higher than our standards, even if they really want to push themselves they really want to learn. And so that is what we are doing. And we what’s what we’re looking for when we’re hiring people.

That’s what we want is a players on our team, we find that it’s very beneficial. When you have a team full of a players. You know, if you have a C player, and you’ve got an A player that a player will automatically start to resent that C player, they’ll continue to do their job, they won’t let that see player affect them, you have some be players, they might jump on the bandwagon with the C player and start to adopt the bad attitudes of the C player. And the C player is really all about drama, The C player is really all about excuses. And whose responsibility it was that wasn’t theirs and that’s not good for us as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. It’s never their responsibility always have an excuse for their lack of progress. Always someone else’s fault, somebody is too hard on them. So why is it praise them enough somebody, you know, whatever the case may be, that’s just that’s just the player. And, and that is something that we definitely do not want within our company.