We have been asked many times, when should you choose a custom home builder amarillo tx over a home remodel that. Today I am here to answer that question for you. The best way to answer that question is to start off by asking you what all projects are you needing done. If you have a one bedroom home, and you would rather have a let’s say four or five bedroom home, and you want to add a sunroom and an office. We will go in and estimate everything it will cost for you to get a remodel with the home that you have. And we can also go in and see what our custom homemade house would charge you, and see what price would better suit you, and see what you could get the most out of with your money.Another reason to get a custom home builder amarillo tx is if you have a lot of unique taste, and you want a huge house with the best products done and it could be nothing like the home that you live in now, then that’s, that’s one of the better reasons to get a custom home builder amarillo tx house. We want to give you everything you need at the affordable price. And we want to give you the most out of what we have. When it comes to your money. So, if you’re wanting something extravagant, and something you’ve never seen before. We would probably lean more to a custom home builder amarillo tx , but you always have the opportunity to go with a remodel. If you are wanting to add on to the family but have let’s say, a two bedroom home and you’re just wanting a three bedroom. You already have a pretty decent size kitchen and living room area but it could be opened up and made just a little bigger. That would be the time to do more of a remodel which Chaney Construction does remodels as well, but in this article we’re going to focus more on the custom home builder amarillo tx .


We will design your custom home builder amarillo tx to fit you and your family, you can upgrade all the options you can choose everything you want. It will set allowances and come up with an estimate, before we ever start anything so then you can make sure that everything that we have to offer is exactly what you want, and at the price that you love. With a custom home builder amarillo tx you’ll be getting everything you want because you will be doing the layout will just help give you the ideas, and maybe some color schemes that would go well with your style, you can choose what kind of style your home was maybe like a farmhouse look or modern look.If you like areas to look more open and big we can choose to go with a more lighter color darker colors tend to make areas, look a little smaller so it’s there better to do in big big areas. You always want to stay with the letter shade and smaller areas just because you never want your home to look small and never make somebody feel good. So, we like to keep things in a lighter shade and you’ll get to go over all the things we pick out and pick which one fits you and your family. The best and if you like none of them will go back and we’ll figure out some more and we can sit down and make sure to get you everything you want in a home. Just whatever you’re wanting just. And if you want an open concept we’ll make sure to get that done for you we understand that everyone has different tastes. We’re not here to do anything, but give you that exactly the way you want it.


While we are on the topic of the custom home builder amarillo tx . I’m going to be telling you more about Chaney Construction now. So Chaney construction has been around since 2005, and has been helping the Texas Panhandle area. We are known to be the highest and most efficient company in the Texas Panhandle area. And If you want to get to know a little bit more about Jimmy and Amy Chaney, you can feel free to go over to our website and click on our story. Jimmy and Amy’s have their full time job and then they have another which is going to the many events that their six children participate in. They love watching their kids and all the sports and they’re just very family oriented it and want to make sure that you and your family are taken care of. Now, on here, it will talk a little bit about where they grew up when they met, why they do what they do, how long they’ve been doing it. Just, lots of things like that, they’ll talk about Chaney construction, and all of the workers and talk about the clients and how many referrals they’ve received from happy clients, and we would just love for you to get to know a little bit more about the company and who runs the company, because it’s always makes you feel a little bit more at ease, knowing that the people that’s going to be working for you are just laid back, and very trustworthy people and we want the opportunity to let you feel that comfortable about them. The Chaneys have amazing core values and they always go above and beyond, they always strive to build a better life for everyone they meet all their customers have been truly over the top, excited to see their new homes just after getting to meet the Chaneys and the friendly Chaney Construction family. They are just wonderful people all around, and would love to get to know you and get to do business with you.