If you’re looking for a custom home builder amarillo tx , or in the Texas Panhandle. Be sure to check out Chaney Construction. They have been helping the Texas Panhandle community by being a custom home builder amarillo tx since 2005 and have helped many people get their own custom home. Jimmy is able to do a custom home for you and your family or anyone you may know, as long as you are in the Texas Panhandle. If you have an inhabitable home and it would cost almost the same to create your own home as it is to fix the other home you might as well come to us and create your perfect dream home and make it your forever home. Don’t waste time by trying to settle and make due with what you have, call us today and see what the staff at Chaney Construction can do for you and your family. We will sit down with you and discuss the price and give you all of the information that you will need to know about the custom home. Chaney Construction has affordable prices and uses the finest products to design your home and make your house a dream come true! The Chaneys have been helping many people in the Texas panhandle and would love a chance to get to help you.


If you would like to have a huge master with to walk in his in her closets. We can do that. And we can also add his and her sinks with their own counter space. would like to have a unique layout in your kitchen and living room. We can do that for you. We have actually been known to do many unique designs for houses and try not to do the cookie cutter layouts. We want to stand out from everybody that are custom home builders amarillo tx .If you like to have a lot of closets, we can add as many classes as you would like. And have some in the front room. So whenever you walk in, you can automatically put in your coat, and your shoes, so you don’t track in mud. If you would like to add a theater to your home. We can make an open concept area so you can have different seating arrangements there.If you want to have your laundry, and a different room, where it can be kept quiet We can add another room wherever you would like.We can add a large area to have a playroom. So you can design your own playroom. Just the way you would like with as many windows you would like. If you work from home we can add an office space away from the busy rooms like the kitchen and living room so you can be in a quieter area. We can also do a bathroom there so you can have your own personal space sometimes away from the family. 


Chaney Construction has some of the friendliest staff you’ve ever met and do not mind answering any questions you may have about the custom home, they will do everything they can possible to make you feel comfortable, and we will always be upfront about the price, because everything is affordable, and we never want you to feel like you’re in the dark about anything, and thinking we are adding things without your knowledge.We like for our clients to know everything about what we’re doing with the custom home builders amarillo tx , and we will try to get the job done as fast as possible by staying on task, but making sure we get everything done the way it’s supposed to.We would love to hear from you today. So come stop on at 1318, West Kentucky Avenue Pampa Texas, 79065, or you can call us at 806-886-9215. Don’t keep settling when you can have your dream home today, but Chaney Construction helps you design a beautiful layout with a beautiful different types of products to bring your home house and make it a home. No matter what you are wanting, what kind of taste you’re wanting. If you want a farmhouse feel, or you would like a more luxurious look, whatever you are wanting we can do for you. Just call us today, and let us help you.


If you would like to know more about the Chaneys and why they are one of the best custom home builders amarillo tx  and why they do what they do, Be sure to go to our website. We have a page just talking about what they’ve been doing for the Texas Panhandle community since 2005. We have many testimonies you can watch from our clients, talking about our friendly staff are great, unique layouts. And just all around good qualities and affordable prices. Just another reason why you should come to Chaney Construction when you are needing the best custom home builders amarillo tx and the Texas Panhandle. If you go to gallery on our website you can see before and afters we have done for a customer in the past and we have named them all separately so if one stands out to you you can remember the name and when you give us a call we can get you all the information and prices for you so you will know exactly what you need to know. Be sure and call Chaney Construction the custom builder amarillo tx and the Texas panhandle. We have many different designs and different types of layouts. You can choose if you would rather have carpet or hardwood flooring throughout your house, or in some rooms. If you would prefer, we can add carpet like your bedrooms and keep a tile in the bath and maybe a hardwood in the kitchen and living room, whatever you would like. Call Chaney Construction today to get ahold of one of the custom home builders amarillo tx .