When you’re choosing a custom home builder amarillo tx to build your home, you need to ask a lot of questions. The best way to get everything you want any home builder and know all the information upfront, is to ask some of the best questions to get the honest true answers on who they are, how much you’re gonna end up spending, and any other little details they try to hide. In this article We’re gonna be going over some questions that you should ask the custom home builders amarillo tx. Here are just a few questions so be sure and think about some before you go and talk to the custom home builder amarillo tx . 


Question number 1. How many years have you been in the custom home builder amarillo tx .business? And how often do you make houses? Chaney Construction has been helping people in the Texas Panhandle since 2005 and have been helping people all over the Texas panhandle.  We have made lots of houses over the years and if you are interested in seeing them we have many pictures of our work with customers in the past. 


Question number 2. Can you give me references to other customers in the past? Chaney Construction, the custom home builder amarillo tx, has a page on their website called testimonies and it has videos of many customers that will tell you about their experience with us. You can also follow us on Facebook and read all the reviews customers have left about us.


Question number 3. How and when will the final price be available? With the custom home builder amarillo tx you will sit down and go over a list of everything you are wanting and they will get an estimate of the cost and y’all about any upgrades you will want and give you all the information you will want and need before they start the process to start your custom home.


Question number 4. How do you stand out apart from all the other custom home builder amarillo tx ?  Chaney Construction stands out apart from every other custom home builder amarillo tx by not using the basic cookie cutter designs and layouts that others use. We want to showcase our work so if you would like to check out some pictures go look at our website under gallery.


Question number 5. Who will be in control over the Construction on my home? Who can I contact if I have any questions? At Chaney Construction, Jimmy will be the one in control over the Construction of your home. He will make sure that everything you want in the custom home builder amarillo tx . You can contact Chaney Construction at 806-886-9215 where our friendly staff will answer your call and try and answer any questions. If they are unable to answer any questions they will get ahold of us  and if you need one of us we will be sure to give you our numbers. 


There are many good questions to ask the custom home builder amarillo tx so if you can sit down before going and talking to someone and comes up with a list of good questions so you don’t get overwhelmed and forget good questions but when you choose to work with Chaney Construction you don’t have to worry about them trying to cut corners or try and charge you without letting you know. Chaney Construction pride their name and want to only do appleasing work so everyone will know Chaney Construction is the best custom home amarillo tx . Chaney Construction would love the opportunity to bring your custom home to you and give you everything you’ve ever wanted in a dream home, help you choose to work or Chaney Construction. Call us over at Chaney Construction at 806-886-9215 or visit us today if you are located or passing through pampa tx. You can find our office at 1318 w Kentucky Ave pampa Texas. 


Chaney Construction is one of the best custom home builders in Amarillo Texas and the Texas Panhandle. Building your home is one of the largest investments that you will make in life. We want to make sure that we get the right fit with your project and get you everything you’re wanting in your custom home today.We are not here to cut corners, and we are here offering great work at an affordable price near you.We will use the finest products to design your home and create the dream house you’ve always wanted. Chaney Construction is always upfront on prices, and any situation that will need to be fixed. We will sit down and go over a list of things that you are wanting in your custom home and design the layout to exactly how you want, no matter what it is if you want a one story or two story. We can do that we can add as many rooms as you would like. We will pick out the best products to design your home and make it more of that homey feel. We want to give you everything you would possibly want in a home, and we think that home is where you should feel comfortable. Not somewhere where you should stress. Don’t settle for less than your dream home when you choose to let Chaney Construction build your new home.