If you’re wondering what a custom home builder amarillo tx is. This is the article that will answer all of your many questions, and can tell you exactly what they can do for you and your home. If you’ve ever heard of a custom home builder amarillo tx , then you probably already know some of the answers that I’m going to be talking about, but if not, this is what this article is for. If you already know what a custom home builder amarillo tx is, then be sure to go check out one of our many other articles talking about either Custom Homes remodels additions or light commercial work. We will go over everything in this article, but we will mainly focus on answering. What is a custom home builder amarillo tx ? If you would like to know more information about Chaney Construction Always go check out our website. See what upcoming information is on there. You can also hear more about the Chaneys and why they love doing what they do. You can also find our testimonies there, and much, much more. We would love for you to know everything about Chaney Construction and feel as secure as possible when it comes to choosing us. We want you to get everything out of your home. So let us be the ones to bring your custom home builder amarillo tx to your location today.


a custom home builder amarillo tx is not only just somebody who takes a home and remodels it. This is someone who will sit down with you. Go over a list of questions such as, which rooms, do you spend more time in. How many bathrooms would you feel necessary in your home? How many bedrooms would you like? And if you would like to walk in closets, we can add bathrooms off of each bedroom, if that is something you would be interested in. If you have large families that you like throwing parties for, we can make sure to keep everything an open concept and have the rooms, off to the side. So it’s not in the main area. If you work from home we can add an office in more of a quiet section in the home, so it’s not by the busy areas such as the kitchen and the living room, especially if you need to get work done and say you’re also having family over. It is a good place to just get a little secluded area and have your own space, we can also add a bathroom, a closet in that area so you can have all the storage you need. We can add cabinets in there to keep all your storage out of the way.


If you would like to add a game room or a basement or even an attic, we can do that as well. Game rooms are good for when you have teenagers and want that extra little area. So whenever their friends come over. They’re not all hanging out in your main area, and you can still enjoy your living space without having five to 10 teenagers, all in your area. We all know that sometimes they like to have sleepovers and things like that. This will give you a chance to give them that dorm life living and get them prepared for college, but also under your own roof so you can monitor what they’re doing, but give them that space that they’re going to need in these teenage years. If you want a two story home. We can always cut out the bottom part of the stairs, and you can have that, either as a storage area or we’ve been known to make it into a dog area. If you would like to have your dog bed, the dog water all that so you can keep it from the kids, you can always put a gate up, or we can close it in and have like a little door, so you can open and close it, or just whatever you would like, we can do safely. That’s why we are called the custom home builder amarillo tx . So anything you need. We can get done. We’re just I’m just throwing out ideas here for you, so you can pick and choose from what I say. Be sure to go follow us on Facebook, though, and our website has many pictures of a befores and afters, and I think they even have custom home pictures on there as well. So go check us out.


Anything that we are not able to do. We will get a subcontractor, and we will make sure that we pick the best company to get each project done for you at the best price. That way you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dealing with many companies trying to figure out which one’s going to be the best for each project, and which are you going to be paying how much. It’s just a lot easier to come to Chaney Construction have us deal with all of the hassle and get the work done for you. And the best way today. Be sure and give us a call.


You can choose what color schemes you would like. In the main areas like kitchen, bathrooms, and living room, you’ll get to pick the paint in all areas, but I was just going over the color schemes because a lot of people like to have color schemes, not just one basic color when it comes to their big areas where family and friends will be over and and you want to stand out. And that’s why you should choose Chaney Construction. The best custom home builders amarillo to would never use cookie cutter designs and that is exactly why we won’t and we will always make sure to use the finest products to design your home. We want to stand out because our name means everything to us, and we would like to prove to you why chain construction is the best custom home builder amarillo tx , and the Texas Panhandle area, just because we are located in Pampa does not mean we cannot come to you. We would love to hear from you today. If you would like to give us a call. Our phone number is 806869215. We are also located in Pampa Texas, 1318, West Kentucky Avenue. We would love to see you or hear from you today.