Get to know Chaney Construction on a deeper level. Although we have had some see players in the past. And the minute that they either quit, or they get fired, or whatever the case may be, is always kind of a relieving moment, because everyone kind of looks around and goes, Oh, hey, that was a really bad apple in the bunch there bunch which does not fly as a Home Builder Amarillo. That person was really spoiling and everything for everybody here. And you know what, next time we identify that we don’t want that see player around any longer than possible. And it’s always so interesting to, to hear our A and B players be able to voice that and to be able to voice that how things are much better now that the C players no longer a part of the team. And they recognize it themselves. They recognize the level of production, they recognize the just spirit overall, and the team. And so that’s always kind of interesting to see. And watch them realize, Oh, hey, I get it. And so that’s always like to say, kind of interesting little fact that we always end up with at the end of a non a player is leaving the team, the players are missed.

And 85% of the people are B players. And so be players kind your average people we really want above average people as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so these people, yeah, they’re missed, but we’re constantly you know, we would still like to have a players in their place. And so, you know, they, they don’t really call it a lot of issues. But like I said, they’re very easily influenced one way or the other. So sometimes they’ll be player can really be influenced by an A player. And that’s even more ideal. It’s very great to have somebody who’s an A player be able to influence would be player up into that a slot as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so that doesn’t happen all the time. Go ahead, guys. We’re very thankful for it. And you know what our son is typically been a big player, sometimes the C player, but he really gets the vision of our company, he really gets to the goals of our company and his dad rides, rides his rear pretty consistently, constantly trying to make him better, even though it really comes out a lot of him being hard on him. And he is as he should be. And this person, our son is there to do the work of his dad.

And just like the Bible says, and, you know, Jesus was here to do the work of his father. And so, you know, he has not always been like I said, a player. But once you got rid of the C player, and once I see player quit on our team, and let me tell you, our son really stepped up into that a player roles and I think that he knew that we were in a bind as far as man hours go. And so he really stepped up to the role of being an A player, and really kind of taking responsibility for a lot of things that I’m he knew needed to be done. And that has been wonderful to see as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And so you can just see that when you get rid of a C player, people kind of step up to the line, and they realize, Oh, my gosh, now I see what that person was doing wrong, I see why the bosses were unhappy with that person.

And, and, and so you know, it ends up being a matter of, well, this person quit. So we have to, we don’t even need to replace them right now. We’re still be more productive without them. And we can manage this. And you know, like I said, Our son really stepping up to that plate to help manage that position being open as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so we’re really proud of him right now for being able to step up and kind of take take control of some things that needed to be done, and really be accountable for his actions and actions of his team. And so it’s really pretty phenomenal. And just the way that that happens. And when we had the player that quit, we had a big player that fell down to a C paid player very quickly, like overnight, actually, we found out that that see player had called and, and had basically called and spread his drama after he quit and really tried to place in the team. And basically, you know, Ted some, some bad things about my husband and about how, you know, he’s just the attitude has changed, and it’s just worried about these things all bubble and so, which was fine, we don’t care what he says about us. And we know the truth of the matter.

And so that kind of be player took all of that to heart and we can really see a difference and him and his production. He just wasn’t very motivated. He didn’t want to stay and work is 40 hours anymore as a Home Builder Amarillo. We were done early, he was out of there, he didn’t really want to strive for his goals anymore. And he had really big goals when we moved him over into the position he was in. And so you could just see that change happen almost instantaneously, overnight, all because the C player that had quit and called and kind of gotten his head about those things. And so that person then became a C player and we knew that this was going to be an ongoing issue and we shared again are a B and C player descriptions and still don’t think that he understood that what had happened was that he was allowing someone who is not going anywhere in life to kind of take him and he ended up not being employable by our company. And so that was probably the best thing for him and us both is because, you know, that kind of took care of itself, but that’s the kind of people we’re looking for. For our team at Chaney Construction.