Good morning. This is Jimmy Chaney a Custom Home Builder Amarillo here this morning will be talking about roofing and the importance of a roof Russ are often overlooked and often to go to is just that standard 30 years, she knew. And actually lately I’ve even seen some builders that are using a 20 year shingle, which is just be off limits. The difference in price on these routes are so minimal that it’s just not a good option. custom home builder. Amarillo will make sure you have a roof that is going to last you for many, many years to come. And I try to always practically always use a class for roof even if it’s a composition roof, you know, they’re extremely good. They can accept wins over 120 hundred and 30 miles an hour, they can take basically baseball size, hell without damage. They’re extremely heavy, extremely durable, they’re not going to blow off.

Oftentimes we’re forced to lay the shingles down in the winter whenever it’s cold, and they still will not move off. Of course, it’s important that you have a good installed and that someone who knows roofing and those shingles, especially when cold, because if you nail too hard, you can actually break the shingle. And it was jus it. Once you break it. The backing, it’s not going to stay down on the winds. So basically, it’s void the warranty There are tons and tons and tons of options. And both class for singles. And then you know what we call used to call a 50 here. But now then they’re even calling 30 year a lifetime shingle how long they’re going to last. I don’t know that answer truthfully. But they used to have a 30 year warranty and a fifth year Marquis but for some reason now they call it a lifetime. So class for there’s many advantages to a class for us.

One of them being that you can get a discount on your insurance and some insurance companies. You know, if maybe 10% I’ve heard of some of them giving up to 25% or maybe a little bit more. But I don’t think that that’s common, I think more commonly now is more in the 15% range, a class for roof that will be selected by you and your Custom Home Builder Amarillo can last you for a long, long time. And there are many, many, many styles to choose from. It’s just unbelievable. All the things that they can the patterns and the colors and the textures they can create with class for composition singles, or even with the live just any lifetime single there’s very various architectural products and grades out there. And they really are some pretty ones. depending on the style of your home will help you select the shingle that will best suit your needs.

And one that will look great with your home and make sure that the colors are coordinated. Many builders offer only just say 234 choices when really there is tons and tons of choices out there. It’s just unlimited out there. What’s on the market today may not be the easiest to get a price wise they can be pretty similar across you know, maybe a little bit more for something fancy. But of course in the class for they can get very expensive with some of some of the heavier products and the more complicated patterns and stuff they can get extremely costly. And the installation costs can go a long and short of it you can get a really good roof for not much more than the cheapest roof out there. It’s a labor is close to the same you’re still going to have underlayment you’re still going to have nails and basically all of the other things that are roof has it’s basically just the difference in the cost of shingles. Custom Home Builder Amarillo will not try to keep this money in their pocket, they will try to get you a better product that’s going to last longer. And that’s going to serve you better in the future Custom Home Builder Amarillo will show you these options if you’re interested. And they will make sure that you’re fully aware of anything and everything that could go wrong with your roof everything that could go wrong with your roof all the way down to wind damage. Hail Damage on your insurance and discounts are great everyone likes discounts and discounted products and things like that. But roofing is really not a place that you want discounted roofing but you definitely want a discount on your insurance because that’s just going to save you forever for many many years to come.

Custom Home Builder Amarillo will help you select a color that matches your breath you’re stuck all your stone whatever surroundings you have, you definitely want to make sure that those coordinate well so many times I see you’re just a great house and then you look at the roof and it’s like oh it’s just a killer. It’s like well they just could have chose a different color and it would have completely changed the look of the whole house and made it look 10 times better we always try to just make sure that we get the very best product for the customer oftentimes black is just to go to color and it’s so misused in my opinion Custom Home Builder Amarillo we use black Yes, occasionally or charcoal as they call it. But it’s not our go to we don’t really have a necessarily go to it just depends on the colors of everything else all the way down to the brick, the trim color. The gutter color of pro possibly even like all the way down to like outbuildings and things that are around can drastically affect what color me that way your property is all cohesive and goes together even all the way down to the fencing. So it’s not just like you have three options out there.

People pick anything that you want, and pick something that’s going to look great last great work great and just give you good. But most importantly, make sure that it’s going to look good. It just seems so silly to me to have something that’s not going to look at whatever it costs the same or close to the same. It’s just ridiculous. It’s called laziness and it’s a Custom Home Builder Amarillo will take the time and make sure that those things are considered for your home Custom Home Builder Amarillo will make sure that all of these things are considered looked at thought about and really planned out and not just give you a cookie cutter roof Custom Home Builder Amarillo is there to serve you. And there are so many other options all the way down to metal stone coated steel. And we’ll talk about all those and another article because you can just go on and on about those and there are lots of great books out there. Of course there’s pros and cons to each so custom home builder Amarillo will get back to that.