Good morning from Chaney Construction Custom Home Builder Amarillo. I’m happy to talk to you this morning I just had breakfast with my old man. And we were talking politics and, oh man is our, you know, our futures right here a Custom Home Builder Amarillo, we are going to rock it and continue to build homes that are going to suit our customers needs no matter what, economy, no matter what environment, no matter what happens, those things really don’t dictate. For me, highlight to live on God’s economy and God’s always going to take care of us no matter what was promised. I believe that in the good times and in bad times, and it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Anyhow, where I’m going to go from there I just like to talk about adding value to your home for many reasons. Custom Home Builder Amarillo will try to consider adding all of the value that they can and through that value is, I’m going to specifically talk about plumbing fixtures can range in price anywhere from. Oh, you could get a laboratory faucet for probably under $20 and you can spend thousands.

And it’s kind of crazy to think they both basically do the same thing they basically turn the water on and on. But what you pay for. In those fixtures are several things so let’s just compare it to the big box stores and they offer a lot of this let’s take don’t so for example, they sell Delta, and they maybe have some of those same fixtures, with the same name, that they sell say Home Depot, and they’re not professional grade, their big box grade, you know, it’s just it’s kind of crazy but they’re just literally instead of metal parts they use plastic trims. They downgrade the valve system they downgrade everything to fit a lower budget, and a lot of people don’t know this in fact very few people know this, and in fact for a long time I didn’t really we always used contractor great fixtures, which I’ll purchase typically at timeless designs or Ferguson’s, and they’re always high quality but one time we were kind of in a bind as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo so we had to run to Home Depot because we needed a shower false a real fast we’re doing a little job for one of our good friends and he was in a hurry and there was just kind of a rush job, so we went to Home Depot, and purchase, what we thought was the same faucet and keep them on I knew that there was a big quality difference. I’ve always known that I’ve heard that. But, man.

We picked up that box to leave and it just felt like it was empty. And then, my wife and I, we got out to the truck and then we started examining and. Wow, what a difference. All of the trim pieces are basically just literally plastic and the faucet way literally nothing. So with all that said, we decided to go ahead and just order a quality contractor great faucet we call Thomas and they got that on order for us we wouldn’t pick up the rough and Bell, and went ahead and got it rubbed in and we just waited in the town so it’s like they come fast in the way but sometimes you just want things faster. Anyhow, so long and short of it we had to return the other one to Home Depot as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo, and basically that was the last time that we’ve done that, and it was really eye-opening as to the value of professional grade or contractor grade fixtures and faucets and all the way down to lighting, and I’ve even more recently learned that all the way down to a client says, say Viking they even make lesser quality stuff to sell in the big box stores, and I’m not sure, the best ball falls into that or not but they lower the quality and they built a lower standards they use ladder metal they use cheaper valves they use cheaper greats they use lighter weight material and put out less be to us, and you sacrifice a lot of things that really is not what Viking is about but in order to capture a bigger share of the market.

I assume that they’ve just created lesser value lesser quality products in order to serve more people and, which makes sense. Honestly, it does because there’s only maybe 1% that can afford. True, true Viking or true offer, you know, true, true products. So, whenever they can offer things at a lesser price point I guess that they capture a lot bigger share of the market and that that does make sense to me. But I don’t really like it I think it’s deceitful, and I think it’s on us, Custom Home Builder Amarillo we strive to always get you contractor grade professional grade fixtures appliances and materials all the way down to flooring, everything that they sell it say Home Depot, Lowes all the big box stores, and they make cheaper versions of that for those stores and mortar store for them to compete.

And that’s why they may be like half the price or less, but with all that you sacrifice a lot. One good thing about Sam professional. Great shower valve is, we buy just the valve body in the beginning and that’s for the Ruffin’s face so we don’t have the team we don’t have everything on the job and parts get lost and whatnot, the trim comes when it’s time for trim out in the trembling, all the parts of the faucet, that you see all the way down to the showerhead. The valve handles the execution, everything, all those things that you see inside the shower, as part of the trim kit. And they’re all sold separately and the cool thing is a website Delta’s valve body. You can get a different valve. Different valve parts and they’ll do a lot of different things so it’s kind of a universal thing and it makes it easier they actually you can get them with pics fittings so that the plumber can just hook directly to that.