This is Amy Chaney, with Chaney Construction My husband and I are so excited about all of the wonderful things that are happening within our company as a Home Builder Amarillo. But my husband and I are also very excited about the wonderful things happening with our children. You know, my husband and I are my husband and I have got two seniors this year and they are making decisions about what did you at life after hospital our daughter is going to be going to Emerald college to pursue a degree or certificate incident on her feet. And so this is something she has been working towards since her junior year of high school. She has been a cheerleader at the last two years of high school and then our son Jaxon who has recently decided that instead of going to college you would like to receive heating and air conditioning  license you can be an HTC technician and so that is something that with us owning and HPC company my husband and I are able to do for him.

And so both of our children last night there was a regional quarterfinal basketball game that are white to your head advanced to our boys and my husband and I played against feather small town here in the Texas Panhandle the plane and they fought so hard in that game and they did not give up until the very last second where those boys about to let that game go. My husband and I did lose by two points which was devastating but nothing to hang your head about. And those boys fought really hard against a very strong team they played like they have never played before in their lives. They had played such motivation, such drive and aggressiveness It is amazing to watch them and that was specially but believe I have ever seen our boys play and they have nothing to be ashamed of, because as a Home Builder Amarillo

My husband and I have had times my husband and I worked hard and did not get the outcome my husband and I wanted. But you know, I realized when walking out of that, Jim last night that my husband and I have marched the end of a chapter in our lives. That is to last of our children that my husband and I will be attending sporting events or to watch them play or cheer our daughter. Definitely check it the hardest. She has, loves to absolutely love getting to cheer for her brothers, and she loves her brothers. And so for all that to come to an end for her to know that that was the last time that she would be able to put on the cheer uniform and pick up some pom poms and yell for her brothers to win any type of sporting event was very difficult for her and difficult as her parents as a Home Builder Amarillo. It is there was a lot of tears shed last night. She was extremely upset he had but it was a great way to end the season. There was nothing better than knowing that our boys gave it all that they had and they left it all out on the court and it was fantastic and you know, my husband and I wish good luck to the McLean tigers.

They go into the regional tournament and you know I just so makes me so proud to be from right here and every single time that my husband and I match up against any of these ethical small towns and it just makes me so proud of the community spirit and the pride that shomy husband and Id your what your even the local white your restaurant provided the boys have lunch yesterday and that was fantastic thing for them to do. It is just it is fabulous to see the way that all the parents and the students come together to support them and to love them and to encourage him and to really pour into their dreams. And you know, my husband and I will any of our kids go on to play for college? Probably not. I do not think there is anyone that is going to be going on to pay for college. But you know, what does it matter, they have a dream right now they are in high school and this is a once in a lifetime type of thing. And, you know, as a Home Builder Amarillo my husband and I support that my husband and I support those high school memories, even if it is not going to pursue their future, you know, be tempted toys into the future. It makes a difference.

My husband and I love these kids and as the owners of Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo my husband and I are proud to tell all our clients about them and what they are achieving in life. My husband and I love everything that they see it for. My husband and I would love to support them and cheer for them or they are making their memories right now here in high school and I just need to absolutely the best thing that as parents as community that my husband and I could do is to pour into them and love and support and let them know that they have an entire community standing up for them and us as their parents at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. My husband and I are really rooting for these kids to go very far in life just like my husband and I are trying to do ourselves. We just always want them to know that hard work and dedication are the way to get your goals achieved and get things done and get where you want to go in life. Work hard, always doing your best and then some which is our company motto – going above and beyond and all times. I hope they always remember these things.