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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

Here in 2019, home builder Amarillo has to offer our churches motto and go ALL IN. And so that really rings true. And Chaney Construction as well as our church side, and for our home life and our personal life, all of the above. So all in what that means is, you will get out of God, what you put into God, if you are seeking God, first, all in with every aspect of your life, that God is going to continue to bless that back into you.

My husband and I know that and so that is something that my husband and I are really holding on to, for 2019 or Chaney Construction actually attended a church service for another pastor in a nearby area. And their motto is extremes. So going to extremes seeking God to great extremes, you know, changing the way things look in your life and extreme ways because of God, and the extreme blessings that will flow from to you from that.

So my husband and I really feel like that with these and similar themes of where we receive our faith and our full of God and that we are really going to be able to set our goals and design them around those themes all in and to the extreme. And this is something that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is really going to be committed to doing and being all in for our customers being all infirm please being all in every aspect of our lives being all in for our families, and an all-in for God first.

And these are just things that really are starting to ring true to us, especially now that my husband and I have a green kid and our family is grown. And, you know, really being able to teach and grow him up in the ways that my husband and I feel are most important. And that is God’s ways. And just taking that and running with it. And building upon that for our generation, and our future generations. You know, teaching this to our children, and then also our grandchildren that we have currently and in the future. And so, these are all fantastic and wonderful ways for us to be able to do that.

And so, what is all in look like, and, you know, priorities we have already discussed in a future blog, that about your priorities, and making sure that you have those in a good order, and setting goals for you and your family, and you and your business. And really tying that was back in and together. And so, priorities. Our faith is first and always and foremost, our faith is first, and then our family and each other. And, you know, our relationships within that family, you know, in our family, would we say, family, we meet our immediate family, my husband and I are our children and our grandchild. And at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we have tons of extended family, but our immediate family comes first our God, and then our marriage, and then our children and our grandchild.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

And those are the orders of the way our family priorities are structured. And really being able to know the difference in that and, and where you spend your time is a huge important factor in that and who you spend your time with, who you spend your time dedicated to. And so, if you are not dedicated to God, that all the other relationships in your life really do not matter. Because they are just going to, they are just going to have so much difficulties and struggle unless your powers has God first. So prioritizing our faith and, and our religion and our Lord.

And first and then taking that further into, like I said, our marriage and then our children and our grandchild. And so, putting our energy and efforts into those things. First, without happy relationships with our faith and with our family, then the rest of it really just does not matter. It is just such a difficult struggle, when you have your life and your priorities out of whack that it really is just difficult. At Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo my husband and I know and so getting those things in order first really makes a huge difference. And being able to commit your time to other places after the fact.

If you are having so many personal difficulties and struggles, then your work is going to struggle also because that is going to have a negative effect on that when you have got so many difficulties going on. So really getting everything in line and getting all of these priorities taking care of that is what is important to us. And that is something that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo my husband and I are going to be focusing on.

So like I mentioned in a previous blog really sitting down and figuring out what the direction for our faith in our family and our than letting everything else falls into place with our goals. And so, taking those things and prioritizing. We are so excited about all the new and upcoming changes and Chaney Construction and just our way of thinking in our way of prioritizing things in our life. This would be a fantastic time. It is definitely a time that you are going to want to be a part of as far as dream building and relationship building and that is very exciting for everyone.

Please make sure that you also check out our website and take a look at what our video testimonials say about us a Home Builder Amarillo and being all in for our customers as well. They can tell you that we are an all-in type of builder and that is what makes us different from the rest of the builders in Amarillo. We are committed in everything that we do for everyone.