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When it comes to the different types of services that Chaney Construction offers as a Home builder Amarillo, we do residential remodeling, new construction, new home builds and additions, things that those features, renovations, things like that. And that we also do like commercial work. And so what that means is that Chaney Construction is actually remodeled tons of businesses in different types of commercial and industries.

We remodeled a lot of churches, church sanctuaries that needed new flooring and new paint needed some sprucing up and you know, help them with seating and lighting and getting all of those things kind of design thing that is eye catching and appealing updating their new their flooring and their colors in their sanctuaries. And we have done a lot of churches in the Texas Panhandle and some other things that we have done our just businesses and offices and places where people work at an off business kitchen for their employees is a break room.

As a Home builder Amarillo have done a lot of remodels for that remodels for bathrooms in businesses and different types of businesses. And we remodeled and some smaller land face offices where things were just old and dated and there was a lot of water damage from a leaky roof. As a Home builder Amarillo we remodeled on all of that on it and taking care of their needs and really gave them sprucing up that their clients and can be really proud of a bank they are in and they can be proud of as the banker. And Chaney Construction has also done some remodeling.

She said, doctors offices, dentist offices, Orthodontist offices, and anything of that nature really taking into consideration in this space, again, to the color schemes and the flooring and how it is going to be utilized. And just really taken a look at that and making sure that everything works together is that ugly in the flow of everything. So right now we are actually working on a huge doctor’s office remodel in Amarillo, Texas, and really getting that to where it was functional for the doctor.

So this is, you know, one of those commercial buildings that you can imagine has been remodeled time and time and time again, and just over and over. different businesses have bought it. Different types of practices and professions have gone in there. So each person has remodeled it to be able to use them in a way that they saw fit. But it just did not work for this particular doctor in the flow and the layout of things.

So it had to really be redone, and, you know, pulling down walls and reframing all those steel balls, again, to bringing everything up to code and making sure that it is functional. And the flow is perfect for the staff and for the doctors and making sure that everything kind of flows in and out as well as the aesthetics and so trying to do kind of a map, modern industrial and, you know, real gray theme and spa like feel something you know that it is definitely on the higher end.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

It is not just your typical doctor’s office that it is fresh and clean and lots of gray tone tones, you know great tones with some colors, the flooring, lineal light, gray tone luxury vinyl planks, that will be fantastic for keeping clean and the exam rooms, lots of sliding and making sure that there is lots of the gear Enos in here I am keeping some of the different exposed features of building an open seat lead concept with the black ceiling and all of those types of things. As a Home builder Amarillo we really just kind of going in and mixing a little bit of those design choices and making sure that everything still works as a functional doctors office.

So Chaney Construction can really tackle any of those commercial projects that you have, such as this is we are not just a Home builder Amarillo. We are also a light commercial builder in Amarillo Texas. And so we really just want to be able to take full advantage of the services that we offer to be able to provide this to the community at the Texas Panhandle. You are going to want to call Chaney Construction as soon as possible as a Home builder Amarillo to help you with your next project like this.

We do offices churches and all kinds of businesses so you can call us and set up an appointment so that way we can revamp your office or business space. We are experts at what we do and we are here to help you do just that. Our team is highly refereed by all of our past clients. We would also be happy to let you look at our testimonials from some of those happy clients.

Large or small or anything in between we really know that we can tackle the job and help you with that project. When looking at doing your business remodel we really want to know what the feel you are going for. If we have a good idea of what you are wanting we can try and create that fantastic atmosphere for you customers and your employees because that is important we know. You are going to want your employees and customers to feel comfortable and really enjoy the atmosphere. From the minute they walk in to the minute they leave we want the business to produce wow factor each and every time.

This is what Chaney Construction has been doing for over thirteen years now. Creating wow factors for businesses all over the Texas Panhandle that help them stand out and get talked about. So make sure you call us today at 806-688-92151. If you give us a call we can quickly schedule you an appointment to talk business remodel today. We book up fast so make sure that you do no wait to long to give us a call. You will be so very glad that you did.