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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

I wanted to say good Morning to everyone from Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo, so today I really am just wanting to spend some time reflecting with with you every single morning Monday through Sunday actually every single day seven days a week I make the drive from white to Texas to Pampa Texas.

So we actually reside in white dear but all of our businesses and everything we do are in Pampa that so we have got a heart for both cities. But you know what, that fifteen minutes of being able to drive alone in my vehicle on the way to work, it is just an amazing time of reflection. And so being able to just kind of reflect on how did yesterday go what is today look like. And, and every once in a while, you know, you look over and the shadows rising and there is a haze across the the fields and it is just a beautiful glow.

And so it is beautiful, remind her that our lives are amazing as a Home Builder Amarillo. You know, we get so wrapped up in ourselves, we get so wrapped up in work, we get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of just life that I think that a lot of times that we forget to look over and see the sense that and see the beautiful countryside and to serve it for how blessed we are. And so that was something that I was really just reflecting on this morning.

And I really just wanted to share with everyone and you know, just a quiet the stillness of the beautiful countryside and just all of the amazing colors and just the glory of what our Creator is doing in the countryside. Yes, we live in the Texas Panhandle as a Home Builder Amarillo. And the wind is atrocious most days. But there are beautiful still leaves that are just glorious.

And you know, the weather might, we might have a tornado one day and it might be snowing the next which actually happened like not a month ago, which in and of itself is absolutely amazing as well because that is just so by polar opposites that you just can not even imagine how does that happen. So for all of us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo and so just being able to stop and think about the glorious things that happen all around us every single day. And, and really being able to take those reflections of still moments of appreciation of the things around us really be able to add counter of blessings through that and take a look at what we have.

And just count our blessings in that. And in that time, and especially, you know, when times get tough, we have really just want to really reflect on the things that are good and all of the good around us. Whether it is happening to us directly or indirectly, really just want to take note of the beauty and wonder around us. You know, being appreciative. being expected of wonderful things to come is an amazing skill set.

So always being reflective of that being expected of you know what, today was a bad day.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be good. And that expected. See that I have got stuck here forever type of mentality is going to really get people through life. And the world is a crazy place. The world is kind of a sad and fall in place. And it can seem so dark sometimes that really be able to take a look around us and see where is the light temps, it feels like dark days are all we have ahead of us. But really stopping and looking over and seeing that sense that and see that light and it is true beauty and for what it really is. That is hope and hope and for our nation, hope for our communities, hope for our family, and really be able to pray for peace through the rocky times. And God never said that he would take every bad day away from you.

But he did promise to give you his peace through those days and pieces. Not a word of convenience can be does not mean convenience piece does not mean that I am having a bad day. But God is going to give me peace. Which means in my equation, God is going to make this all right. As a Home Builder Amarillo that does not mean I am not going to be having a bad day anymore. That is not the way it is.

But that piece to be able to look over and see the sunset know that he is right there with you through that bad day because he is there and so really being able to just take that and run with it. Because like I said, the world is getting crazy. You know, as we are gearing up for another political election. All I feel like I hear on the news is just horrible things to get vile things and I just feel like there is so much desperation in the world.

But as a Home Builder Amarillo I am so glad that I have my Lord to help me through that and for my Lord to be able to bring me that piece in order to be able to show me the sunset on the way they were in the morning. And we just wanted to just want to just share that with everyone and I know that has nothing to do with hope building that is okay because sometimes it just want to share what is on my heart and what is on my mind and maybe you can help someone else. We sure hope that you will take some time in each of your days to stop and reflect on the beautiful things in your lives and really enjoy each moment – the good and even the bad.