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Family is one of the things that at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo always say is most important to us. And so this weekend, these last couple of days this weekend, I had an opportunity to sit down with my uncle and my aunts and go over some family ancestry information, and to listen to my aunts and uncles tell stories about their dad who died when they really young was fascinating. This is a man, I’ve never met my grandpa. And I’ve never met him, he died before.

Well, before I was born. And bit to hear stories of him to hear stories of his dad and his brother, and just the trio of them and to learn about where they were from, and where they lived. And to figure out how their journey came to be where they were, and was so fascinating.

It just really, really took someone that I didn’t know, just kind of a ghost the past and brought life to them. And to be able to hear stories, it was like, you know them and to have some insight on to them, and the way that they worked, and their their priority was family family meant the world to them. And they were very just solid on that, that belief that family was, was worth fighting for.

At Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we feel the same way. And, you know, they were sharecroppers down near Corpus Christi area for many, many, many years. And then, you know, something changed in the economy or the land or for whatever reason, they all packed up and moved to the Texas Panhandle to these small towns, and to be able to continue on their way of life. And then they did migrant farming in the summer times. And they would go up to Wyoming and Wisconsin and different states that needed migrant field workers. And to know that they were willing to pack their bags and leave for summers at a time in order to support their families was very phenomenal.

But even one step for further than that is the kids went with them, you know, they packed up their kids as well to go to these places to live and you know in these Barrick style home so that way they could live at work and work as a family and provide for the kids. But more importantly than the money and the financial support that that brought to their family and their children with the memories. And that was one thing that I really took from our meeting was that the memories of film as young kids in these different places every summer was so neat.

And one of the places that they frequented the most and Wheatland Wyoming they have such fond memories of that place at the diner where they ate out of the, you know, bar that their dad and granddad hung out. And so it was just so neat to see that it was a family or deal. And so, you know, that’s our business is about our family.

And, you know, it’s, it’s not a rare occasion to see our kids out, helping us clean up a job site, you know, sweeping mopping, whatever the case might be that just to me and stills that we’re doing the right thing and having our children help us they may not care for it right now. But someday they’ll have memories of that they will share with their children. And just I hope that those are joyous memories for them. Even if in the moment, it might not feel so joyous to them. But really just being able to take all of these stories and combine them and record them and let these people that are part of our life that we never knew really come to life and take shape and form you know, in our minds and in our hearts. It’s just it’s so heartwarming.

It’s fantastic to be able to have these memories recorded. And, you know, I encourage everyone to sit down with their family is write down what you do know, write down what stories you remember, write down things about, you know, uncles, or cousins or siblings because Sunday those people might be forgotten. If those things are not recorded. And you never share those stories. They’ll be forgotten.

Home Builder Amarillo | Get in the Family Zone

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

You know, there is a quote that saves that every man dies, two deaths the day that he takes his last breath. And the day this the last time someone speaks their name after their passing, those are two deaths. And so don’t let your death come sooner than it should. At Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we encourage you don’t let your parents deaths comes to their second dads come sooner than they should.

Don’t let your grandparents your great grandparents or whichever of your family that you remember. Don’t let their names being lost. And let them take on a new life recorded. Sit down video recorder, voice recorder and pen and paper however you do it make sure that you record these memories because they may not be anything special to you. But somewhere down the line. hearing these stories.

As a descendant of these people really does mean something. It means something to me to know the stories about my granddad and my great granddad and my great great granddad and my uncles and all of that those those stories bring new life to them in my heart. And so that’s something that I as a Home Builder Amarillo intend to carry on and released out into my children, these stories and these memories and to be able to keep these people lives in our minds and our hearts, even though we’ve never met them.

So that’s something that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo really encourage you to do this 2019 years, sit down, make some records that makes the recordings and have fun, really get to have the opportunity to learn new things and to have a good laugh at the things that you did. No, but you forgot maybe it’s all about just joy with the family. And that’s something that we really just love to touch on.

And we find this very, very important and so we hope that all of you have a great Sunday and we will be sharing more about family values in our lives in the future. From all of us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we encourage you to really make your family history a priority. Also make sure you give us a call soon at 806-688-9215 to schedule your meeting with us to start building a new home to leave your own family history in.