Home Builder Amarillo | Fast Bid Time for you

Monday morning, it’s been a few days. And so I thought I’d jump on here. And just kind of give everyone a quick update of what’s going on over in the Chaney Construction world of things. Right now as a Home Builder Amarillo we just got close on two brand new homes. So we’re super excited about that. It’s just now the first of February, beginning of February. And we’ve got two new homes that are going to be built this year. So far, we have lots and lots of bids on some other new home builds. And so we’re really excited about the possibility of being able to build somebody new homes in this year of 2019, 2018 didn’t see quite as much growth. And so 2019 already started off really strong. And so what makes Chaney Construction different than other home builders, and Amarillo. And so the answer to that would be that we are quick, so quick to get our bids together and build out to people. So as a Home Builder Amarillo we have got a bit out the other day, we received the plan sets on a Wednesday.

And we were meeting with that homeowner Saturday evening. And with a plan with a bid with some numbers with some specifications, lots and lots of detail in that. So it’s not just oh, we think it’s going to be X amount for that artwork and X amount for this know it’s very detailed, very specific, this is the exact target work we’re going to do this is the exact fixtures that we have been. And so that way people have not just a bit in hand, but they have a pretty clear idea of exactly what it’s going to cost to build their new home. And so that is what Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo offers, and provides that the others other builders don’t. And it’s just that peace of mind not having to, oh, well, we’re going to get you a bit in a week, we’re going to get you a bed and a week, we’re going to get your bed in a week. And then after a month goes by, and you still don’t have a bit in hand, the newness and excitement starts to wear off.

And we want you to be new, everything to be new and exciting. So for you, we hand you your bid. And so you know, we spent a lot of time with our homeowners, especially during the plan drawing phase learning about them and about their needs and what they’re going to want in their house. That’s going to make what makes them unique to every other home builder that every other homeowner that we’ve built a home for, until we want to know about those things. So that way, we can make sure that we give them a bit it’s pretty precise to what they want. And as a Home Builder Amarillo we don’t want to just say, Oh, we want granite countertops. But yeah, we’re like, oh, we didn’t even put a price on there. For those know, we want to give you all your options. So if budget is your primary priority, you know, we might give you an option besides granite countertops, but we’re gonna make sure and tell you how much has granite countertops that you do want are going to be how much more and so that’s the way Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo does things. And so we’re super excited about our ability to be able to get a bit out at such a timely manner, you know, less than a week.

And that is phenomenal, I can tell you that other home builders in Amarillo cannot do that. And, and so that to us is pretty phenomenal. And we know that that makes a huge impact on our customers and our level of trust with them. And so we just know that what we’re doing is going to be always above and beyond what the competitor is doing. Another great thing about Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is that and doing these bits and such a timely manner, we have found that the way we do things is super repeatable. And so it may not be the exact tone every single time. But we found ways to be able to go and and template what we do and make sure that what we’re doing is working well. So that way we can continue to shorten our bed time. That’s our goal is to continue to do everything we can every measurable step that we can take to shorten our time and still have a precise and accurate bid where we’ve sat down, we’ve had an opportunity to sit and talk with you, we want to know what you want to and how you’re going to need to live in your home. So that that way every time we do a bid, we know that we’re pretty precise. And so we don’t want to just give a generic bid to every person that comes along.

But we want to make sure that each bit is specific to that individual to that family. So what one family means may not necessarily work for another family. But we want to make sure that what we hand you works for you. And so like I said, we’re constantly looking at ways to take measurable steps to shave our time off of our bid process. And, and so that is just something that we are diligently doing. And not only does it help you as a homeowner, but also helps us as the home builder. So the less time as a Home Builder Amarillo we can spend doing a bid the quicker we are to be able to get started on your home. And so that frees up a lot of time for other things that frees up time for the home that we are building. And so when we get to your home, if we’re bidding projects, you want to free up as much time as possible from bidding to be able to take that time and dedicated to the building of your home. You know, because just because we start building your home doesn’t mean that we see all operations. So we want to make sure that one operation doesn’t get in the way of the other operation. So you know, we just want to shorten that the time make sure that everybody is getting proper commitment level from us and you know, your bid is important to us. We want to make sure we have 100% commitment to that and building your home is just as important and we want to make sure we’re 100% committed to that as well. I hope everyone has a great Monday.