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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

As the owners are Chaney Construction since 2005 we have been serving the Texas Panhandle for that long and back in 2014, my husband was able to take on a new business venture out Floors-N-more. This venture was a flooring store there in Pampa, Texas. We have always had to have somebody do flooring and tile work for all of our remodels and new builds as a Home builder Amarillo.

And so that was one of the things that was kind of frustrating was trying to find great subcontractors to work for that but a lot of those subcontractors job started to fail and so to construction through warranty work was left to pick up the pieces on that so that was something that really struck my husband was he was tired of going back and fixing poor installation jobs that were provided by other flooring companies to for us and so he made it kind of a mission to learn about the different the different types of installations and products.

Also the prep work that goes into those making sure that he was not going to ever have to go back and re do any of those types of jobs ever get so when the opportunity presented itself for him to be able to become a partner in this flooring store right there in Pampa Texas locally and it only made sense for him to be able to become a partner in that and through the years and he is now the sole owner as Floors-N-More right there Pampa, Texas.

As a Home builder Amarillo TX we are able to utilize those and you know use our flooring store to be able to finish out our projects and so not only that but it gives us the effort advantage of knowing our products knowing exactly what types of flooring and what types of tile and what types of carpet are going to be best in certain situations in certain home.

It is knowing the difference and not really that product knowledge really gives us the effort advantage over other Home builder Amarillo and so knowing you know education being educated, being able to educate our homeowners about the best processes and procedures and the different types of installation that goes into that and the different types of flooring better right for their home that really gives us a level of integrity that joke find anywhere else. And so not just taking someone else’s word for it. But knowing that as a Home builder Amarillo that we know that we know that it is going to work and it is the right product.

And the right setting for that homeowner really just gives us the effort in hand. And so knowing the different types of carpet and the different brands and so if somebody has something in mind that might be on the upper into their budget, you know, being able to know that okay, well, we can go to this different flooring vendor and get the same effect and achieve the same effect but for a lower dollar amount.

The fact that being able to have all of those things, being well versed in product knowledge and product pricing and being able to have that advantage is something we can pass on to our customers. When you build a home with us in your buying, we know that you are buying a whole house full of carpet or whole house full of flooring and we can definitely get those discounts and deals to be able to pass on to our customers while still being able to provide a high level of customer service through that into our business as well.

What is the Value of This Opportunity?

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

So with business businesses working together, we know that the homeowner is being taken care of not just once but twice ago for me and for them to be able to have not just a home that they are proud of that also flooring and tile and countertops and backsplashes that they want to show their friends and family and that they would be happy to recommend not only us but our other business to as well. This makes us all around an expert in the home building department when it comes to flooring.

We take great pride in our diversified business partnership with the Floors-N-More store as a Home builder Amarillo and we think that the combination is what really set us apart. Our knowledge of the construction industry and the products and the installation technique that will last over time and we know that this gives us the upper hand that most Home builder Amarillo do not have. We are just ahead of the game in this situation.

We are also able to demonstrate that we are good business owners in the community of Pampa TX proudly serving the Texas Panhandle for so many years is something that we can be proud of and we are very proud of that. Between flooring, tile, countertops, and backsplashes there is so much square footage to cover in a home so you are going to want to make sure that as a Home builder Amarillo your builder knows what they are doing and they have the best person in mind to do these jobs. With Chaney Construction you know that all of that square footage in your home is going to be well taken care of because Floors-N-More is managed the same way that Chaney Construction is by the same owner and with some of the same exact core values.

All of our business core values go hand in hand and they are modeled after our own personal values. With that level of trust and integrity you know that you have come to the right place and that we are you best fit to build your new custom home. Make sure that you are getting started with us right away and that you are giving us a call at 806-688-9215