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This content was written for Chaney Construction.

Hello everyone. It’s a Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. Just wanted to give you guys an update over our weekend. I’ve already shared with you briefly about the family research that we got together with family and did on Saturday night.

That was a fun filled night went late into the night back to got home at midnight, but it was so worth it. And it’s just wanted to share a little bit about the rest of our weekend. So every other weekend, or our children go with our other parents, because we are a blended family and they go state and every other weekend with their other parents. And so we had a quiet house. And so Sunday morning yesterday we got up, got ready.

My husband went and had breakfast, you went to work. We did some work worked on plans and bids and estimates.

And then right before we walked out the office to go to church, we got a phone call from a job in Amarillo that we had just completed that there was water in the rooms. And so we knew that that was not good. And me not being a plumber or not being handy with any type of tools. And I usually just stand around and watch because I don’t know what to do. And I can really good fetcher. But that’s about all I can do.

And so me I went ahead and went on to church and my husband went ahead and gathered up all of the tools and and the materials that he might need, depending on what they found when they got there. And when I hadn’t had a chair Morello and found found out that it was nothing a fault of anyone’s it was just a clogged drain pipe that had caused some water to get backed up in it. And so they worked on that and worked long hours and got that finished up and got everything situated got it all working, tested the line it was great after they got everything out of it by that the above and beyond kind of Call of Duty of Chaney Construction where the owner will switch directions and go on a Sunday afternoon and fix fix the problem.

And it regardless if it’s a problem that was caused by us or not, in this case, it wasn’t. But some types of mistakes do happen. And so sometimes we do have an issue that is because of something we did or did not do that regardless, that’s the kind of beyond expectations commitment that you’re going to receive from Chaney Construction. So my husband did call until about 530, which is telling me that he was headed help and that by this time, I had already gone to the office and taking care of some things that I needed to do today on Monday.

That way, my time as a Home Builder Amarillo was freed up today. So I took advantage of the quiet time at the office and with the kids speak with their other parents. And I worked on some financial for some paperwork that needed to be done today. And I got those done out of the way yesterday but to the grocery store. And then went home and started cooking etc. And as a Home Builder Amarillo had a tentative Sunday family dinner time because we weren’t sure what time my husband was going to be finished with what he was doing but he just give us a call and let us know he was headed our way and came home we can separate was finishing up and then we really enjoyed you know, and when I could accept her.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction.

I always have a helper our daughter is fantastic to be there and help me and last night she helps me between while there was commercial breaks of the saints game on and she was very disappointed to see that the saints lost in overtime. And she’s very upset with a bad call by the rest but and life goes on but after supper and we were able to watch another football game and sit down as a family and really have some great quality time together and and just to fellowship are needy who is at six stayed well until the very end of the game before it would it to overtime. The second game at Kansas City in New England Patriots game and she stayed until then she loves to watch football even at 86 years old.

That’s one of the things she enjoys doing. If there’s football on TV, and she’s at home, you know exactly what it’s turned to. And and so just being able to spend that quality time together and really is fantastic. And get to watch our grant said, you know, play with him feel pity down for a low nap. And there said that better the baby snuggles and we really take advantage of our baby cycles on Sunday nights of during the week. With all the hustle and bustle. It’s kind of hard to steal a way to get a sense of time with young. But as a Home Builder Amarillo do we do know that every Sunday night that is where it will be his second with the baby.

And so it’s kind of a fight over who gets to hold town, there’s only one to him. And there’s a whole lot of us that live element. So it’s kind of a fight over who gets to spend the most time with him. And at the end, you know, Sunday night we’ve got dinner and you know, I always make to casseroles or to have whatever to double double batch. Anything. I mean for sending that to nurses that last night I did make a tamale podcaster Oh, it was first time to make that it turned out to be pretty good. And it was definitely a tedious one.

So the kids said that not to worry about having to make that again that because that was their plot way of saying it was okay. But they didn’t want to have it. So you know, rapid nada taking that with us to the office this morning. That’s what I’m doing. As Chaney Construction Home Builder Amarillo I’m headed to the office this morning I’m going to put that tamale pie casserole in the refrigerator so we can have it during lunch. Because there are our schedules are crazy when we get to work. We don’t really know what’s going to come at us and that’s okay.

But sometimes it does turn out that we don’t have time to go riding crop something for lead that I’m being able to, you know, have some leftovers from our home at the office. So we can just kind of heat those at the end he while we work in and that really makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful for us. And so that’s just kind of what our our weekend as a Home Builder Amarillo looks like and what are days like today.

And we’ve got big stuff coming today I’m finishing up some estimates and the bids getting some new builds and plans finalized and things are just really rocking and rolling here at changing instruction and we hope that you have a great weekend. Fantastic Monday.