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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

Over the weekend, my husband and I had a an Home Builder Amarillo employee that wanted to have a discussion with us about where he wanted to be in the company. And so we, and this isn’t one of our newer employees. And Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is actually in the process right now of purchasing a business that’s been around for about 40 years, and the Texas Panhandle, and it’s a heating and air and business and a friend of ours is just decided that it’s time for him to do something different. And so he approached us.

And this is a company that we use over and over and over again, to do all of our heating and air for all of our projects and remodels, repairs, things like that. And, and so he had approached us and so we said yes, and so this business is new business venture is something that we are really excited about. And we felt would be a good hand in hand type of business to own. So, you know, we own floors and more. And so we have to have flooring for all of our projects. And so that made sense.

And so that was something that we jumped on board with. And so now as a Home Builder Amarillo offered opportunity to have a heating and air business, which is fantastic, because that’s something again, that goes hand in hand with the construction business. But anyways, so this employee, I am had had an opportunity to go with the current business owner and help him and he needed someone to help him do an installation.

And we had an employee to spare that day. And so the the current owner, and our employee did that installation. And both were really excited about it, the current owner is going to stay on board and train and help us get our licensing and all of that. So he’s going to stay on for a minimum number of years. And so he was really impressed with our employee, our employees, work ethic work ethic, and his just ability to kind of soak things in and do, you know, follow directions and all of that.

And so they were both excited about that. So our employee was excited to talk to us because he felt like just to not days time that that might be something he would like to pursue. So my husband and I had opportunity this weekend to have the employee come in, and we just had a personal one on one conversation with him. Yes, it was about business. But also more importantly, was as a Home Builder Amarillo just wanted to know about him. He’s not been working with us for a very long period of time.

And he’s just kind of green behind the ears and just learning and all of that. But he’s on time to work every single day. He’s very reliable, he does everything that is asked of him. And so we knew he was going to turn out to be in good employee. But yet, my husband and I had not taken time to get to ask him some of the questions that are important to ask questions that we and you know, ask each of our employees. And so this is the perfect time for us to sit down and ask him these questions.

You know, what are his goals? What does he want to do in life, where is he want to be at in life, where does he see himself in a year, five years, 10 years, we want to know those things. Because even if those goals are not to be with Chaney Construction Home Builder Amarillo in five years, that’s fine. We want to know what his goals are. And in the time period that we do have him here with us, we want to be able to help them achieve those types of things, and be able to achieve his goals. it’s our goal to help people achieve their goals. And, and that starts with our employees. And so we were able to sit down and kind of talk to him.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

And he said that this is something he really does want to make a career or a long term, committed career. And he thought that the HPC would be a really great and, you know, spot for him to do that with, he enjoyed what he had learned that day, he enjoyed working with the current owner, and he’s enjoyed working with us. And so for us to get to kind of know him on that personal level, know more about him personally, you know, his his young life and everything that he’s done, or places he’s been in his young lifetime.

And so it was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with him on a personal level, but also to be able to have those serious discussions with him about long term commitment and about investing in us if he’s going, you know, investing in him if he’s willing to, to make an investment in this career as well. And so for us to be able to kind of help him sift through all of those things, and to learn what it is that he thinks he wants to do. And but the primary question, though, that we asked her employees is, where do you think you would feel most fulfilled, and we want to help with that.

And so we have an opportunity to help him feel most fulfilled with this new business venture. And for him to be able to have something that he can be proud of, as well as helping us grow our investment as well. And so those things kind of go hand in hand, you know, if you pour into someone, they’ll pour into you. And, and that’s a great motto to live by.

And I think it’s very important because that’s how the world should go around. You know, if you’re constantly pouring into someone, and they’re never pouring anything back into you. It just doesn’t work. So well. Those gears aren’t greased correctly. And so it just kind of things start to lock down. And, you know, if you’ve got somebody who’s taking more than the other person, then then that gets really daunting and very exhausting. And on both sides, it really does.

And so and, you know, just being able to know exactly where he wants to get in life, and to be able to help him achieve those things. And, you know, young kid so has his whole life ahead of him. But for him to have an interest in this and for him to take the initiative to want to talk to us about this is a very great thing. And then so we’re very excited about what the future holds for him, as well as Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And so we just feel like that, you know, with all of this new growth, it’s time to share some of that and there’s always room and time to share and so it’ll be a fantastic turnout.