Home Builder Amarillo | Digital Filling

Chaney Construction, we updated our filing system. And we have gone digital mostly and and bond to the cloud is where all of our documents can be stored cloud based, they can be accessed from any type of device. And in years past, we’ve just used to get all paper files and notepads and things of that nature. But we have found, because sometimes that file has to touch a couple of different hands. And sometimes the documents Get lost. And so we have found that to be something that has happened quite frequently. And so after we all got tired of looking for a piece of paper, or a note or whatever, or even the file in and of itself, we decided to go a little bit more digital and to cloud based. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo we have a cloud based service that we use that lots of people are probably familiar with, is called Dropbox. And the cool thing about our cloud based service is that it allows us to create this digital files, it also allows that when we are on the job site, we have an app on our phone, that we can scan the documents, after we take notes, and taking measurements, things like that, we can scan those documents and upload them directly into the customers file. So that as a Home Builder Amarillo we have to access from anywhere.

So if we are where we have a copy of all the documents that are in the customer files, if we are at home, and we need to look something up, we have access to all of those same files or four on the road. A lot of times, my husband will say, Hey, what about this or that. And so I can pull that app on my phone and look at a copy of each of the documents that are in those files for the customer. So this really helps us to be able to keep things all in one place, it helps us to not misplace important notes or measurements about your project. And it really just helps us to be able to stay organized. And, and keep us from having to hunt for or search for very important documents that should have been in a paper file. And so this system is fantastic. As a Home Builder Amarillo we have it broken down, you know, customer files. And each customer has its own file. And so anything if we get an email from someone that’s a bid pertaining to the project, we received a copy of that directly into the file.

And, and that we have that at all times. And as well as if we proceed with the job with you, we are able to keep a copy of all of our contract documents right there and digital for and we have all of that just to be able to save all of it to be able to look back at all your clients elections, things like that, they all get saved that digital copy. And and so therefore nothing to ever lost. And so it’s very fantastic to have something like this software and to be able to help us because we are out in the field in the office at health, you know, various places at a ball game while we are working on your project. And so being able to have that to quickly access at all times makes things a huge help. And in very handy in that aspect. So another great thing and about Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And one of the things that we do is we save a lot of customer Forbes repeated media forms that we would use a lot of times we also save a lot of product and pictures.

So when we add our offering you different types of products, collections, we have a huge database of hundreds of hundreds of different photos of different products and materials, different types of windows, different types of doors, different types of cabinetry and different types of plumbing fixtures, sink facet thinks flooring, granite, things like that we have tons and tons we have a huge catalogue of product pictures that we are able to access and and that we’ve built upon for many, many years. And two were able to use those and to be able to show you some of the different types of things that you can add it to your health. And this is fantastic, this is a great way to keep businesses organized was also a great way for you individually to keep your personal documents organized. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo we have copies, you know, have have different types of forms, you know, lamb surveys for our house and things like that. But we also have lots of pictures so and pictures that would otherwise may be lost. And we back up and update our keep our phone camera on to their and maintain all of our pictures. And so that way, you know, it’s if they were ever lost physically did we have a backup copy digitally.

So that’s another great and fantastic feature that we could use that for. And it also has, you know, the ability for us to be able to share a link with you from those documents. So we’re not having to attach and send an email and hope the emails it’s not too big that it’s going to go through or have to send multiple emails and pictures, we can just quickly create a link to those documents that we want to share with you for you to be able to view and you can click on that link and be able to take a look at this document at all while they stay put and their customer files. So this is something that is extremely helpful to us as a Home Builder Amarillo, especially if you have an insurance claim the insurance company wants to see lots of documentation and that requires hundreds of photos for the job. And so we’re able to put those in a file send the link and and that they’re able to view that file and view all the pictures that are necessary for them to be able to finish your insurance claim and for them to be able to see the work that is in progress. So it’s absolutely a fantastic feature. And and we’re very excited that we are using this digital filing system now and this cloud based service and we look forward to be able to utilize it for the future to be able to save us time.