Good morning to everyone. This is Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And so I just wanted to take some time this morning and talk to you about where Chaney Construction all began. It’s actually really quite a phenomenal story. Whenever you have the chance to sit down and listen to it for many years out of high school and into about 2004, my husband was a drug addict. He was addicted to drugs of any kind anything he could really get his hands on. He likes to drink, he likes a party. And those were everything about him that kind of made this story happen. So right or wrong. It landed us where we’re at today. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t have ended up here had not gone through all those things in life. But the fact that he did is very phenomenal in and of itself.

So in 2004, my husband was arrested so let me tell you about moments leading up to that arrest. My husband had been arrested many times had been in trouble for many things had endured a mini a traffic violation while the local Pampa Police Department tried to catch them and best time for good in the meantime my husband rented out a warehouse over on Tyng street by the tracks and Pampa and began to manufacture drugs a far cry from being the best Home Builder Amarillo. That’s like a huge crazy Wow. Like that’s not good at all. How in the world can i person cooking go in depth where he’s at today. This is one story. It’s really good after many, many, many attempts, and basically 24 seven surveillance for a very long time by the local police department. They tried to catch my husband, they tried and they tried. And they tried. And they tried. And they knew exactly what he was doing. They made a difference to him. He still went ahead of Goddess operation, they would pull people over, he had already advise them on what to do or what to say. And every time he got pulled over, he knew his rights.

And he knew when they could search him. And he knew when they could not. And he knew exactly the law and he managed to beat them at every single turn, which was not necessarily a good thing. Because it allowed him to be able to continue to do the things that he was doing the detrimental to destruction, destructive things for very, very long time. However, this warehouse ended up being where he lived, he lived there, he manufacturer drugs there, people came and visited him there. So by drugs from him, he lives there for a long time. And he loves this building, I mean as a Home Builder Amarillo why wouldn’t he love this building. Loved it. He loved it, partially because of the history of the building. He loved it partially because it was her friendly, great hiding place for a lot of his drugs. It was a phenomenal building.

It was a beautiful structure, something that he just absolutely fell in love with. Now, my husband, when you think of a drug addicts, was not your typical drug addict. My husband was still had very morals. I know that that sounds kind of hypocritical to say that he did. He had morals he ran that place like a business. And as opposed to shorting people, which would be the wrong thing to do. My husband always erred on the side of generosity. Now, I know like I said, that sounds very hypocritical. And that’s very weird of me to say, but it’s the truth. And that just goes ahead and shows you the character of my husband, and how even back when he was doing all the wrong things, he was still doing them the right way. He didn’t want to short anybody. He didn’t want to have to chase anybody down for money. He wanted to be a generous person. So that way people took care of him and return getting paid, etc. So enough about that, because that’s a little weird. But one day, one evening, they finally did come in to arrest him and right or wrong, they possibly falsified some some tests that they had done on the air quality and picked up some chemicals that led them to be able to arrest him. And so they pulled him out of that warehouse, and they begin to go through and they begin to search and they begin to find the entire operation, an operation that has nothing to do with being the best Home Builder Amarillo.

Now, my husband this, this warehouse is right behind the railroad tracks, like I said, over on Team street, and a pretty ran down part of the city is sitting there on his knees on that railroad track. Looking at him, he sees through the fog into the midst, he sees what is the moon and he’s sitting there, and he’s praying, and he’s thinking, God, I know you’re there. God, I’ve never called out to you, but I know that you’re real, what am I going to do? And he said, that was the scariest most dooming moment and his entire life and all he could think was, my life is over. That’s it. I have two children, my life is over as a Home Builder Amarillo. I’m never going to see them again. What am I supposed to do now. And he knew in that moment that everything he had done leading up to that point was a huge mistake. Now with through that, you know, they they took him to jail that night, they called in a gentleman company out of Lubbock to come and clean up like a hazmat site is basically what that is. And so they had a hazmat team come in and clean that up. This gentleman was from Lubbock. A man from Lubbock is cleaning up for this future Home Builder Amarillo that will be the highest and most reviewed Home Builder Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle.