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It has been a great year so far here at Chaney Construction. And my husband and I are so excited to announce that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is now the proud owners of Hall Heating and Air, my husband and I are so excited to be able to have this opportunity to purchase and haul idiot air to local businesses has been in town running under the name Hall Heating and Air for 46 years. It is changed odors couple of times. But my husband and I are so excited to be the current owners Hall Heating and Air. And one of the really great things about this is that, you know, heating and air is something that our company have to have on every new build, and sometimes in remodels. And a new heating and air system is something that needs to be taken in consideration whenever you are adding on to your house or maybe remodeling and your heating and air unit she’s not working properly. And so now that my husband and I are the proud owners of Hall Heating and Air, and this creates an opportunity for us to be able to pass on some additional savings to our homeowners as a Home Builder Amarillo. And, you know, being able to own both businesses gives us the opportunity to be able to take that the pricing from one and reduce the sea and increase the savings on the other. And so that is something that all of us at Chaney Construction are super excited about. Not to mention the fact that this is just one more thing that Chaney Construction feels very highly about.

And Chaney Construction wants to be able to excel in every area of service that our company provides you. And so being able to be the ones that installed the heating and air units at our house gives us some more manageable control over and how things are done. And so that really is going to make a great and positive difference in the way Chaney Construction and build your home. And this has been just something that is been on my husband’s heart lately, he felt like that and being able to have some more the trades instead of just having subs for everything is something that he felt like is definitely trying into her overall vision.

And, you know, our overall vision is to build the best every time going above and beyond every time. And so that is just something that really ties into that vision of his being able to provide the best types of services and everything as a Home Builder Amarillo. So this does not limit us to just installing new heating and air units. And our company will actually be able to go out and service our previous homeowners and new clients and if something is wrong with your heating and air unit and it just needs to be worked on that and also opens up and let different area of service for as in the community and be a bet, you know, camp is definitely our heart We love this growing community and It is an oil bust or Boom town. And you know, we have seen our good share of bus times.

But you know, we are definitely appreciative of the types that are boobs, even if they are not at the boom. So they used to be my husband and I are so appreciative of those times in our economy. So this is just another area of service that our company would like to that we are proud to be able to share with all of our community in another way that we get to serve our community and serving our community as well as our priorities. And being able to do that it through this new business is just really going to really help us in different avenues and make us feel like we are really servicing people in so many different ways that were not able to do before. And this is just extremely helpful and being able to do that Hall Heating and Air like I said It is been around for forty six years and as a Home Builder Amarillo you really want to have somebody that you can know and trust the previous owner to stay on for the next four years. And so my husband can achieve his licensee. So in our company we have someone with great experience, someone who is worked with Hall Heating and Air for many, many years. And so we know that we are just building on something that is already been great. We are just building on greatness and making it even better.

And so we are so proud to be able to serve our community in this way. And in our company we look forward to all of the new clients and we will be receiving this new business venture, it does not change the structure, the way we do business and Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo. And we will read them as two separate entities for the same office. So your level of commitment that you received from us will still be genuinely the same. But we are just able to expand what it is that we can do for you personally, indirectly, as opposed to indirectly with hiring and subcontractor out so we are super excited about all of these things that we really feel like this is going to make a great if It is in our community. Our company is looking forward to what the future holds for all of us at Chaney Construction and Hall Heating and Air and our company Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo are super excited about growing upon our business to be able to help serve you as the homeowner. We are forever grateful for all the opportunities that have been put in front of us and we can not wait to be able to see some growth through all of this in the next year.