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Everyone, this is Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And this morning I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about where my husband and our children live. And so many of you know that our offices are located in Tampa. That is where the Chaney family operates all four of our businesses out of this p amp L and but in 2014, the very initial support team, we got married and moved to white there. And so white years, little bitty town between Amarillo and p amp, l got 15 minutes to the West 2pm. And that is where all five children have gone to school since 2014. And so just wanted to share a little bit about our white dear community. You know, we always say that we are very blessed, and we get to have like two homes and Pampa and white deer and that I show we truly feel as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. So these are just some observations that I haveve made last night. It is phenomenal. The whole entire town comes out for sporting events for these high school kids.

And right now, the boys are playing basketball, they are finishing up district to go into the playoffs. And so they played a game last night, and the whole town came out for that the parking lot is always full at the sporting events for white to your high and, and the fun thing about that is that not only they come out and support our athletes, they also come out and support our high school students as a whole. And what I mean by that is that every one of those games, there is an organization or a class hosting that concession stand, and you will see teachers and parents and students, even little siblings in there, running the concession stand for whatever organization or class is posting that for that game.

And, you know, even just to see the principal and they are flipping burgers and you know, helping out and the teachers and the kids, it is phenomenal. And if people really support that people, you know, get food from us, we have a fantastic concession stand every single time. But to see the level of support that our community shows for not just these athletes are for these organizations and classes and Haskell, it is absolutely great. And so, you know, the way as a Home Builder Amarillo we are able to do, some of that is to be able to help more profit go into the class funds is by the parents are diligent doers, and they make baked goods, instead of having to provide candy or things like that. We do baked goods, homemade baked goods, and so there’s always a great brownie or basket crispy treat, or some cookies that you can get with your meal.

And that is, you know, all 100% profit because those were donated by as the parent and as well as the parents also donate the drinks and so surprised stocks, rappers, cokes, all those things, as a Home Builder Amarillo we donate the drinks also for the concession stands now having five children and high end schools, we have four in high school one in junior high as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction we have donated a mini, a drinks and many baked goods. And that is my, I had to very early on, purchase some extremely large cookie sheets and, and some extra pants just That way, I can make tons of cookies and brownies all at once. And you know, sometimes there might be several of my hospital kids that are involved in hosting the concession stand. And so that means that I have to make several dozen baked goods. And so that, you know, it is a lot of fun. And someday I’m going to miss that even though it gets kind of stressful, the amount of baked goods that I have to make in a year’s time, but it is a lot of fun. And it goes to a good cause. And it helps the students helps pay for their senior trips, helps pay for their senior parties, and their prom and different activities that they are going to be doing. Some of the organizations help pay for basketball camps and things like that. So that way our students can go to basketball camp free of charge. And so the community just as a whole really comes together and rallies around you know, even the ones that do not have kids in school still, you know, they had a kid in school at any time in their life. They know exactly what the money from this funds go to you and so they know the importance of supporting these concession stands and it is absolutely phenomenal to see a town of a population of 1000 show so much love and support for these high school kids. It is really heartwarming and fantastic.

And so we are very glad to call it or what of our homes and we are very happy that our children are involved there with the school and their traditions and the different things and it is absolutely fantastic. Now we have one two that are graduating this year and one that just got a senior reading for next year. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction is in a really cool season in our life. And we have got four licensed drivers and we are about to be working on the fifth one cab pretty quickly. But we got a couple of years thank goodness and so it is really just been a fun time at our house. It is the memories that we would not ever trad for anything else in the entire world. I know that someday looking back we will really miss these days of our house being full and the laughter ringing loud.