Home Builder Amarillo | Find High Quality Employees

Good morning. So recently we have been hosting interviews to find some new employees, for our businesses. And so I just wanted to share a little bit about what we look for when we are hiring an employee, and how that affects you as the homeowner. So we like to say all the time that we hire a players. And so what that means is, you know, an A player is someone who has a different set of characteristics and personality traits that make them different than others. And so an A player is someone who consistently shows up to work on time every day with a positive attitude towards work and accomplishments. So they’re willing to get there and get their work done. And someone who goes the extra mile as a Home Builder Amarillo each day they get done with their tasks, they’re going to ask what’s next, and really focus on doing more, somebody consistently produces great results without having to be motivated or asked to do their job. And so this is, you know, like, if it’s about their pace, great pay grade, or they get to say, well, that’s not my job.

And, and even more, so they’re not even going to do the job. That is their job. And so that’s kind of the attitude we want to filter out. And someone who is coachable and willing to be trained and corrected with a positive attitude. So what that means is that there’s a lot of things in our industries that are very detail oriented, and we are very particular about every single detail of that thing getting done. And so that is, you know, if they are not willing to be coached in the areas that that the details that they miss it with a positive attitude. And that’s just not some of them are willing to hire an A player hold themselves to a higher standard than management does, demonstrating they will work hard, and even when no one is around.

And so that is that going above and beyond always doing more than expected of you as a Home Builder Amarillo. And that is really our mantra, and between all of our businesses. And that’s the kind of person we are looking for. And in a player takes responsibility and accountability for their own actions, or lack of actions seriously, everybody means circumstances, or others for their progress, or lack of progress. And so that is really just that taking responsibility and ownership of what you do, and making sure that what you do is your very best every single day. And if it’s not your very best being responsible for and accountable to that. And knowing that you drop the ball as opposed to, well, I didn’t have time because so and so wouldn’t allow me and so on and so forth. And so one of the things that’s unique about Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo and all of our other businesses is that we hire, willingness and attitude over skill and experience every single time.

So when people submit their resumes to us, I do not take a look at them until after I’ve had an opportunity to interview them in a group setting. Because what I’m looking for is for personality and attitude and willingness to learn and positive attitude and things of that nature long before I’m looking to see what degrees or certifications or previous work experience that they have as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so that is truly what what we stand for. And that is truly the essence of what we believe in. As far as when we’re hiring someone is we want to hire someone with a great attitude. And we also hire goal oriented people, people that work and learn at a faster pace are always striving for something greater. If I come across somebody that listens to self help podcast, I’m in heaven, because that is not a common thing. And even with as much access as we have, podcasts are free over the internet, like people just don’t do that. And that willingness to want to grow and learn is huge.

We also hire people with a growth mindset. And most successful people in laugh, learn whatever is required of them, and then set they always do so without being told. And they take their responsibility for their own growth very seriously. So without having to tell someone that they need to learn more. And if someone’s going to jump on board with that we are all over hiring a person like that, that is something that really is just the core of what we do. And then we also hire people who over deliver each and every day. And so again, just kind of reiterating back to everything people that go above and beyond without being asked to do so those are really kind of our bread and butter is having people however those are also unicorns and people that are a players are absolutely unicorns. So you do interviews on a consistent basis that we have a rotation of people trying to find those eight players to be able to build our team. And how that affects you as a homeowner is that you know that whenever as a Home Builder Amarillo we come into your home, we come to your property to start building or remodeling or adding on or whatever the case may be that you know that we have the highest quality of people that we’ve diligently searched our area for those people and that we are diligent about taking care of our employees as a Home Builder Amarillo because they help take care of us and that is absolutely the commitment level that you receive from Chaney Construction, a Home Builder Amarillo, and that is phenomenal to us and we really enjoy being able to find those eight players. It takes us a long time but we are very proud of the ones that we do have.