Home Builder Amarillo | Honesty and Respect

The third core value for Chaney Construction is honor, honesty and respect, whether it is working at work or at home, always be honest and respectful with others. And with yourself, these make the best foundation for life. And so that just is something that we truly believe in is that level of honesty. And, you know, we build lots of relationships with lots of our homeowners over the years. And if there’s not a level of honesty and respect, then we wouldn’t have been in business for as long as we have been as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so just that being honest with yourself, that’s, that’s one thing that I think a lot of people struggle with, is that they don’t realize that they have lied to themselves for so long, that they can’t even be honest with themselves. And so that’s, you know, a huge problem. And so that doesn’t go very far in the business world at all. And so, in fact, you probably know if business owners that have failed miserably, because they were not honest people, they were honest with themselves even.

At Chaney Construction, so you can see that, that failure comes from that that’s a root problem of failed businesses, sometimes, not always, but sometimes. And so just the level of honesty and respect that, you know, that goes both ways. And my husband and I don’t demand respect from our home homeowners, that’s something that we build with them, you know, we grow a respect for them, they grow respect for us out of that level of honesty. And, you know, when you are building someone’s home, that we are talking money here. And sometimes that is, you know, the biggest accomplishment in some people’s lives. And so knowing that they are working with an honest team is extremely important. And that is the level of service commitment, commitment of service that you’ll receive from Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And we teach our children that being honest, is not easy. Sometimes it is, it looks like it would be easier to take a different path, and maybe not be honest or upfront about things as a Home Builder Amarillo or as a person. But really, when you look at it, that’s the hardest road you can take. Because it just builds so much and ease and settle and settlement in your soul and your spirit.

And it just creates so much strive for you that it ends up being harder. The shame and guilt of not being an honest person inset really eating at you and really causes you to have so much negative negativity and your spirit and soul that it is just so unsettling. And so always being honest, may not feel like the easy thing to do. But really, at the end of the day, being honest, is not about taking the easy path. It is about doing the right thing. And so honesty doing that right thing, even when no one is looking even when you think it would be easier not to that’s a huge thing. I always tell my kids that standing up for what you believe is a very lonely thing. And now you know, being an honest person is what we believe in as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And sometimes when you look around, and others are not being honest. And you know, they are not. That can be a very lonely position. But it is better to be alone and know that you made the right position than to be down in the dumps because you you stood up for the wrong thing. You did not stand up for that honesty and integrity and integrity is a big deal. And so being being that lone wolf doing the right thing in our society even teaches that well, it is okay to not do the right thing. It is okay. Little lot. Laws are okay, when they are not. And there have been so many instances in my life where it would have felt easy at the time to just not be honest, as a person and as a Home Builder Amarillo for Chaney Construction. And, you know, it is kind of like you have to admit and humble yourself, humble yourself before someone and say, Look, I did this and I’m sorry, but I would rather be honest with you, and have you be mad at me for being honest, then have you be mad because you found out I lied to you.

And so sometimes just that in and of itself, so, you know, there was an incident that occurred not long ago, and we did not even realize what had happened in a friend of ours was very upset. And we realized that something we had done had caused them some strife. And so we we call them immediately, even though our hearts were broken, that we had caused strife unknowingly to someone and we call them and we admitted are wrong doing and, and came clean with that. And you know what, like, the level of respect that was received from him was phenomenal. Like we expected him to be like, you know, this is the why why did why did this happen? But instead he was like, I cannot believe that you are calling me to tell me about this. Like you could have easily not said anything. Well, that’s the sad reality we live in because so many people are willing to just walk away from something and not tell the truth and not be honest and that’s not what we are here to teach our kids and so that’s for sure not here. What we are here how we are here to run our business. Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is here to run our business with the level of honesty that can be respected and that is just something that we believe firmly and then we teach our children that