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Did you know that Chaney Construction is also a Hunter Douglas dealer. That is right. Not only do my husband and I build beautiful houses at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo also help you fill your beautiful house with wonderful window treatments and Hunter Douglas has been around for a very long time. The quality of Hunter Douglas Window Treatments is far above any other Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo has been a dealer for many years now and and throughout those years, though, you know, people always say well that is a little bit more than I would be willing to spend for some window treatments. So throughout these last few years, Jamie construction has looked online everywhere. So everything that you can find online Budget Blinds blinds.com, etc. And our company has ordered tons of samples of these different types of blinds and window treatments and things of that nature. And when you compare the material used to make these blinds from other you know online dealers to what Hunter Douglas offers and provides you truly see the cost value in Hunter Douglas products and so as a Home Builder Amarillo we can give you a quote based if you are building a new home.

We can give you a quote based off of our plan set you know take what size of Windows. We have got all this and what not. And to give you an option to do some new style hybrid interior shutters, and as one of the most popular window treatments that we sell. They are fantastic they were great with casement windows. They were not great with actually all kinds of windows and so it comes with its own trim around the window casing and so our guys can put that in and trim those out and also you know you have access to be able to open those are open and close them and you know the blinds par and all of that. And then it has a locking mechanism magnetic locking mechanism that you can shut it close with and it so it works fantastically casement windows those casement cranks, just tap right into it.

And so it works out great for us at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo. Fantastic. And so you can see those types of shutters. And a lot of our homes and lots of our homeowners decide that they want to go ahead and add those in just as an extra option for their home. And that is something that we will always give you a quote for and then you can make that decision and we do sell them to our homeowners that build new homes that it is discounted price and so it really makes what my husband and I at Chaney Construction do, just a little bit more above and beyond. And as a Home Builder Amarillo we have fantastic roller screen shades. So if you do not really want to Shutterstock be a fantastic roller screen Chase. We do lots of those for lots of individuals even ones that we do not build their homes or we have, you know, the ability to do that and as well as like honeycomb blind vertical shades. We do a lot of vertical shades as well. and these are like your cheap Walmart vertical shades that everything just falls apart. Every time you open and close them these are like durable high quality and you get to pick from a wide array of fabrics and to go on these vertical blinds.

It is fantastic. The amount of color choices and fabric choices that you have and with each of these types of Windows treatments is just phenomenal. And there is constantly new ones coming out. And so it is just a wide array of choices that you get to make and that aspect. And so that really is helpful for our homeowners to start to kind of envision how it was the interior of their home is going to look like, how they are going to decorate that and you know what color schemes are you, my husband and I can help you match it with your paint choices, it is actually really fun for us to do this. As a Home Builder Amarillo we ask that you make sure that you know your window treatments look beautiful throughout and we have used you know wide range of different colors and window with different paint colors and different rooms and they have done a mixture of Windows shatters along with screenshots and you just name it and we really kind of have it all episodes a fantastic way to to do that.

Chaney Construction also does blinds. Our favorite ones to do are the ones that are white. Who do you want or would green and, you know, and these are all just a hybrid style. They are like compressed composite. So these things are durable, they are not going anywhere. Anyway, anywhere and like with the blinds. If you have ever seen. So would not blinds and you will see the if the sign is very intrusive on those that side of the house. They will search a bow and sad though they were not basically and Hunter Douglas has a guarantee against any type of bowing anxiety or fading and so that is a fantastic feature. So when you pay good money for these you have peace of mind knowing that they are going to withstand the test of time they are going to see it elements, they are going to look beautiful for years and years to come. So I see you are going to have to continue to replace over and over again. And so that would be Chaney Construction just above and beyond type of Home Builder Amarillo is the fact that Chaney Construction is a Hunter Douglas dealer and my husband and I do offer those window treatments and discount to our homeowners.