Home Builder Amarillo | Important Things for you to Consider

Good morning. This is Jimmy Chaney and I am Home Builder Amarillo here in the Texas Panhandle and I wanted to talk to you this morning about the importance of building a great home what it takes to do that. It takes a lot of time and preparation thinking about in advance about where you’re going to end up in your life where you want to be and where you are right now where you’re going to be in 10 years where do you think you will be whenever you’re all none of us want to think about the time we were, we may not be able to walk or may not be able to use the shower about things are just important to consider if this is your forever home. There’s so much to consider actually most people don’t think about those things, especially younger people all they’re thinking about is now they think about their kids being little and they think, Oh, well, we need to build this so that our kids can reach it, we hear that a lot as a Home Builder Amarillo. Well, guess what your kids grow up fast extremely fast and then they’re going to be too tall and not be able to use the same anymore to brush their teeth because it’s going to hurt their back.

Anyways, it’s so important just to spend a great amount of time like thinking through every aspect of your daily life now trying to think through your daily life you know as your kids getting into high school and especially after they graduate and come home and then even more importantly, think about how you’re wanting to be whenever they have families and bring their families. So many people just forget these important aspects. And then, and then there’s a time whenever they’re older and they may not come home as much and then it’s just you and your spouse, maybe you’re lonely dog. So these things are all just so important to just really try to think through, you know, try to project what’s going to happen. I guess and way but a good custom Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction will try to help you think through this process and point out things that are not going to work for you in the future, things that they see that can be a problem. Now they’re going to try to just help you think that process through things are your daily life think through how much you cook how much you don’t think through if you want to maybe you don’t cook now because our kitchens ugly but you want to cook well those things are all important and considering like how much you might want to spend in the kitchen. You say how much you want to spend on appliances or maybe you’re the top that just needs a hell of a good microwave.

So anyway, we like, we try. We try our hardest as a custom Home Builder Amarillo to help you think every detail through help you think the aging process there. And also, you know, it’s always important to consider resell because some people go in with the attitude, you know, maybe they have millions of millions and millions of dollars. We do not care, but most people are in that position and there may be. It’s not that they have to sell there may be a time that they just want to sell because they want to downsize or maybe their family moved off and they want to move. So I think it’s always important to greatly consider if the fact that, you know, you may you may want to change your mind, you don’t want to give your whole investment away at least at least due diligence to get what you can prepare for that doesn’t cost a lot more. It just takes some thinking, you know, thinking about other people and just build a few little things and that will help resell also important extremely important, is just to consider the long term cost of your your project and that good to go all the way down to utilities maintenance. A lot of people want to use cedar today it is cost a fortune to keep that up and a lot of people just don’t have what it takes to keep it up.

So those are all very, very important things to consider when building a house. It’s not just about making it pretty. It’s about making it affordable. It’s about making it affordable long term so that you can afford to keep the house and afford to live there and a lot of that goes back to energy efficiency, which can save you literally hundreds every month the top of reviews can save you up to thousands a year with your insurance. So there’s all the little things that you can do now, and a lot of little as investments that you can make now that’ll save you in the long term. So anyway, always saving now is going to call sometimes saving money now can cost you money forever. Those are all very important things that you might want to consider like a custom Home Builder Amarillo framework definitely help you work through all those things. A good custom Home Builder Amarillo never alone definitely helping you figure out your needs and spend a great deal of time with you before they just jumped in building your house.

It’s not about just making a buck and trying to for us trying to make money for us it’s trying to give you a new life for quality of life that you’ve ever had and maybe one that many people can even architect custom home builder should consider every aspect of your life should consider your needs. Now your needs. Later, how many children you have children, you may want to have how many children you think that you could possibly have. And then, you know, you might want to try to just put a little estimate of grandchildren. That way it’s not uncomfortable. You don’t have to stick the kids out on the back porch on Christmas when it’s snowing outside so that they can have dinner. So, those things are all very important to consider me just here at Chaney Construction. We try our hardest to just fit those needs and also to fit your budget we just thank you for taking time to read this podcast because it’s just how we are trying to get to the top right now we’re podcasting spending a great deal of time and energy just to try to make it the number one in Home Builder Amarillo.