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My husband and I at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we are all about giving back to the community and volunteer efforts is something that’s near and dear to our heart and something that we are passionate about something we really enjoy doing. So some of the things that you might see Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo employees out and about doing volunteer work for our meals on wheels. That’s a fantastic program that is 10 locally here in the back.

And both both my husband and I as long as as well as our office manager have all participated in Meals on Wheels we do that on a regular basis and the accreditation and that those are those close my office manager to fill in whatever they are in need of someone and it’s just a fantastic way to be able to get out and see these people that might not otherwise see people on a daily basis if it wasn’t for their meals.

On post delivery So that right there in and of itself is a very fulfilling thing one of the other areas that any connections are some volunteer work is through the Pampas the coffee Memorial Pampa blood. Council and so that is coffee Memorial blood bank out of Amarillo Texas and has a council in each of the cities that they go and promote blood drives and blood banks on a regular basis so they usually do those every month and when my niece Braylen when we found out that she had leukemia blood transfusions and we’re a big part of her treatment and to be able to see the need for more blood in the blood the blood bank was very eye opening you know there were some nights that it might be midnight before she could get a blood transfusion because of the fact that there was no blood for her to receive.

I thought that was something that was very eye opening for me individually as a person and very touching to me and so whenever I was asked to be a part of the Pampa Council for coffee Memorial Blood Center, that was something I definitely said yes to. And I was excited and honored to be asked to serve on that Council. And that’s something that I truly feel deeply about. Because I’ve seen the effects that it has had firsthand. And, and to know that that need is there.

It really makes you passionate about wanting to give back to others as much as you can. And so being able to spread that awareness help put together the blood bank, the blood drives here in Tampa, it’s been a lot of fun. And I definitely feel very rewarded for that effort. Another area that my husband and I as a Home Builder Amarillo serve in as far as volunteer where it goes is through being members of the pamper Rotary Club. And rotary is an international civics club that has mission has always been to care polio. And we are so close to hearing polio. And that has been the worldwide mission.

Home Builder Amarillo | How We Contribute

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

But locally as a Home Builder Amarillo, the Pampa Rotary Club does things like blessing boxes and in town where people in me can go and receive items out of the blessing box and and those things are filled by Rotarians and one of the other ways that we give back to our community is through our by bicycle giveaway program. And what that is, is that in order to help promote and support the local education system through attendance, so you know, every school attendance is something that they are monetary really given that they’re given monetary efforts for, and so a tendency to remain high. But also if you’re not at school, you can’t learn. And so, um, we have done for many, many years now, and it perfect attendance awards. And so if you have a perfect attendance in a six weeks time, your name goes into the drawing. And if your name is chosen to get a free bicycle.

And so what kid doesn’t enjoy a free bicycle brand new sparkly bicycle at the end of the year for any of the students that have been present at school all year long, those names go into the drawing for a free iPad, and what a fantastic gift that we are able to do and locally here at each of our elementary schools, and it’s a fantastic very rewarding for us as well and see the joy on this kids faces whenever they are when a bicycle is really, really need something that we are just so super excited to help them with. And another effort that my husband and I also are part of is our churches feed the flock program.

And so that offers Tuesday nights and Thursday nights a free meal to anyone who wants to come in free hot meal. And there are lots of good things on the menu. And people can come in and have great fellowship or enjoy a free hot meal and be able to just serve the community in that way. Those are all things that are just fantastic and near and dear to our hearts as a Home Builder Amarillo. My husband and I really enjoy doing these volunteer efforts, among other things, and, you know, being Bible study leader groups, group leaders, and is something that we also enjoy doing and, and then helping with any other various types of things.

As far as you know, white here goes and helping with our children’s concession stands and fundraisers we’ve put in many, many hours and those to be able to help support the class and their financial means without having to really be too stressed about where the money’s going to come for their senior trips and things like that. It really getting involved in the community. Community loves to support local protection stands for our children’s classes. And it’s just really a joint effort.

As a Home Builder Amarillo we know that it takes a village to raise kids and we also feel like it takes a village to support a community and that’s what we want to be a part of is just the villages that support kids and support the community and it’s something that we absolutely enjoy doing and giving back because it’s been given to us. It’s just our motto and that’s something we want to continue doing for the rest of our lives.