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Our own household is under transition now so we understand why you would need a reliable home builder Amarillo has. We are in the beginning stages of some transition. So we have six children, one of which is grown and out of the home, and we have a grandson. And we also have five teenage children that live in our home. We have two seniors, a junior sophomore, and an eighth grader that still live under our roof. But two seniors, we know that our home is about to look a lot different. Our home is about to feel a lot different. When those two children head off to college and go out to conquer the world. We know that our home is going to become too big for us.

And so but in the meantime, though, our family do not want to lose all of that space. Because we know We are just in the beginning stages of our growing family with grandchildren. And so really taking a strong look at what type of home is really going to work for us and the functionality of our home as we move into this transition Season of Our alive and moving from parents into grandparents and those coming home for the holiday top as scenarios and everybody being under one roof.

You know, a few times a year as opposed to every single day. That is a huge transition and That is a huge transition for us. And so being able to take a look at what our needs are going to be shifting from and to, and all the in between stages we know is going to be important.

We use this thought process as a Home Builder Amarillo in our business as well. And so building a new home for our own family is something that we have been taking into consideration lately. But also, you know, what about the home that the kids grew up in, you know, what do we do with that we want to make that makes the home we live in currently something that is still usable, so that we are fill our kids have that nostalgic feeling, and they can bring their kids home to the place where they grew up. These are all things that we have to take into consideration.

And as a Chaney Construction these are things we take into consideration for ourselves and for you if you use as as your Home Builder Amarillo. But it is also things we take into consideration for you and your family. As a Home Builder Amarillo  we want to know whether or not you are just starting out with building your family, or maybe you you we know that these things are important to you, because they are important to us as well. And so, you know, taking a look at our dining situation.

So this year for Thanksgiving, my in laws were going to be out of town. And so it became a matter of, Okay, We are going to be hosting Thanksgiving, but they are going to be family members that typically go to my in laws that are going to need a place to celebrate Thanksgiving, you know, brother in law and, and, and some grandparents that we typically, you know, including the in law, Thanksgiving.

We are going to have no place to go for Thanksgiving, you start adding all these people in our house becomes smaller and smaller. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo we realized this year and in lieu of Thanksgiving, that our home is just not big enough for entertaining that many people. And so that is just an indicator of what Thanksgiving in the future is going to look like for in the Chaney home. The more of our children that grow up and the more grandchildren we start to have to your ears down the road. And so dining space, kitchen space, entertaining space, living space, and making sure that everyone feels comfortable in our home.

Life Changes and Home Moves | Why Choosing the Right Home Builder Matters

This content has been written for Chaney Construction Inc.

These are things that are going to be really important and down the road. You know, right now, it is just kind of like we need a Hangout space for the kids and make sure there is comfortable you know, couch Comfy Couch space for the kids to watch movies and TV and we have a dining table that is big enough to do our little family, our little big family but and it is not going to last us over the years. As a Home Builder Amarillo so really taking a look at those over the year top of situations and really putting all of that into perspective and coming up with at a home that is ideal and functional for your family.

That is what is important to us as a Home Builder Amarillo. And making sure that those different stages in life are covered as well with this new home build that those are the things that are important. We like to think of our home owners on a personal level the way we think about things like this transition in our own home. If we are going through this transition and we know that we are not the only ones.

Last year we remodeled a home for some folks that had just had the last of their children move out. Then they had a grandchild on the way. They were about to be empty nesters. They were wanting a home that they could entertain in again. The layout of their home just was not working for them. We have totally transformed their home into the perfect entertaining space for them. Their kids have enjoyed coming home for the holidays now with their grandson. They are really loving this new place that is their old space just redone. If you would like to see pictures of our work make sure you check out our picture gallery. You can find the gallery on our website. Take a look at the before and after pictures to see what we can do.