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Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is all about family in 2019 I just thought I would share a little bit of insight about what it is like to have such a large family. So my husband and I have a blended family and we have six children so five of our children still live at home after all after what for us one of our one of our asset is an adult and live Scott 10 minutes sort of with his wife and our grandson so that’s it is a sad a family of 10.

And not to mention the fact that every Sunday we also invite my husband’s grandmother over to keep dinner with us to be feed in essence Jen and mouse every single Sunday and I say 10 because the baby’s still operating table yet but he will be very soon hopefully so large families the time damage of large families to show up but yet oh absolutely blessing. So if you think about having to be 10 mouths every Sunday night and then sometimes throughout the week, we can step touch let us just face it.

As a Home Builder Amarillo, we eat at a lot of concessions did food at different sporting activities.

But so what does that look like in our home as a Home Builder Amarillo so really, it is very hard to gauge sometimes about boys can eat seconds and darts at fourth and fifth and then sometimes my boys are just not quite as hungry depends on their day look like quite honestly, and you know, they are so busy and so active and so definitely we double sometimes triple every single recipe that we make.

And so that requires lots of big pots and lots of big pants you know casserole dish is the lower I do not get to make ever just one casserole of anything if I’m going to make a capsule better be to fold and and so really just lots of cooking goes on so typically Loftus, the cooking dad helps a little bit with that sometimes sometimes I have to kick him out because he really likes sold to the rest of the family just died. And, and so. But in the meantime, though, I do have lots of help from our oldest and only daughter.

And she helped me tremendously in the kitchen and getting things prepared, cutting, chopping, watching the pot while I start something else. She is just fantastic. And the boys and kind of take turns and setting the table and, you know, getting everything set up and laid out, you know, condiments on the table. I think like that we do not always have to start. But if there’s time allowed, then we do like to have a dessert. And so that’s always a lot of fat.

Usually the desert go said right before we sit down to eat. That way, it’ll be hot, fresh and ready out of the oven. By the tackle. You are done eating. And we say a prayer every time before we eat a meal at our table. And that’s very important to us as a Home Builder Amarillo that we thank our Lord for being able to be there and sit before that wonderful meal. And we do sit down at the dinner table, we have a very long dinner table, sometimes we have to bring you the extra chairs. And in order to be able to see everybody, especially the kids have a friend or two over.

And so that adds extra mouth and extra seats at our table. And we have to have lots of dishes out on hand at all times.

And with the household boy, sometimes my dishes Do you get broken. And so I’m looking right now actually to go and buy more sets of my collection to restore some of the things that we’ve lost along the way. And, you know, we the kids fill the glasses and set the table and find out who wants to who wants water, who wants you know what to drink, and getting those all set out on the table.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

As a Home Builder Amarillo typically have the same about just about the same seating arrangement. And sometimes the kids mix it up. But in essence, at the end of the day, my husband I sit at the head of the table. And he said to his right, and other than that everybody else just kind of fall suit. And lots of laughter lots of stories, lots of conversations, sometimes lots of horrible jokes from my boys and are always had at our dinner table.

It is never quiet. That’s for sure. It is always very loud and rambunctious. And, you know at the end of the meal when everyone’s had a fantastic meal and had time to sit and just really conversation enjoys as his presence that’s when the rest of the fun begins. But this is the most important part. And the most part, the part that makes me the most proud of my children is at the end of the meal, they get up and they help clean up the dishes. And so we’re not done until the table encounters have been wiped off in the dishwasher has been started.

But my children do you get up, they help wash you know, pots and pans that that we were at the very end, we typically wash our pots and pans as we go along. And while we’re cooking. But you know those very last few before we put you know, dish up the meal and those get washed and dried and put away. And that right there. That’s the essence of family that time together that joint effort that you know coming together to help mom and that right there is the true essence of family.

And that right there is the thing that makes me the Ville the most blessed about my large family is all the hands that get on deck. When it comes to after meal cleanup. am usually after the meal. There’s either a football game on or if the weather permits. There’s a basketball game going on in my front driveway. And the kids will move our cars and they’ll play basketball for hours. And then we’ll come out and sit and watch them play. And that is always a fantastic time.

And it is just great fellowship, just to see them interact together. And we know that our days are numbered when it comes to having a full home all the time we’ve got to ready to go off to college and you know the end of this year. And so we know that these family times these family dinners are extremely important because they’re because they’re they will start to become fewer and far between says they have their own families and their own lives and things start to get busy for them. So that right there is in a nutshell what it looks like a dinner table for such a large family. Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo is happy to share this bit of peak into our lives!