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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

This weekend, there is so many great things that are going on with Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo some of those things are we are actually sitting down together as business owners and as a family and really carving out and mapping out our goals really sitting down and figuring out what 2019 is really going to be all about.

For us as a business as well as, as for personally It is a family and you know, with having six children and daughter in law degree, and we love family. And so our family is important to us. And our goals as a family are very important to us. And our personal goals always wrap with our business at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo.

And so really sitting down and figuring out what things in our life are the most important what things that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo want to grow on what things we want to achieve and accomplish things that we did great in 2018 that we want to continue to build upon in 2019, those are all very important ties and something we want to take a look together as a family and as a team and really make sure that all of our goals are just lining up together.

So when it comes to our goals, you know, our faith and you know, what, what does our faith mean to us, what areas of our faith do we want to grow in what areas of faith that we want to continue to do great things in and make great strides our family what areas of our family do we need to work on what areas of our family did we do great with we need to continue to build upon and our faith our family fine, you know, it can not be all about where can know play because it makes for very adult toy.

And so just really what are the things we at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo want to do for fun this 2019 year whether it be which is our own children or with our employees and their families as well can scheduling time to make those things happen. You know, you can plan all sorts of good wonderful things. But without scheduling the time to do them.

They will never happen and our finances and our personal finances or companies, finances, where do we want to continue to pour into others financially and as far as other community driven organizations that we can donate to, or other areas of the of the community that we can pour our resources and time into, to be able to help them further and grow and really be able to help just the community as a whole and with with our blessings as well. And one of the other things that we really liked, seek a look at us and our fitness and, you know, healthy bodies make for Healthy Mind, healthy families and healthy companies. And so fitness is a very important thing. And friends friends are fantastic. And as a Home Builder Amarillo have certainly grown our number of friends throughout the years.

And so taking time to really focus on and like minded people. And the things that they see are as important to help us grow and the things we see important to help them grow. And to, to really kind of combine those efforts because life gets hard. And you know, and then really just like I said before, just scheduling all of this to make sure that you do not just set your goals, write them down and then put them away and never achieve them. You have to schedule those holes in in mind.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

So whether it be a once a month, you know, family outing to the bowling alley or to the movies or you know, for us it is every Sunday night we have a family dinner around our table all of our children are there are grants as there are grandmothers they are and then we really just come together as a family and spend that first night of the week together. And before the crazy and the busy and the hustle and bustle of work and school start for the rest of the week.

We just take that time together and come together and to relax and enjoy each other’s company and not something that we have scheduled. And so that because we schedule it every single Sunday night it is achieved. And you know that that is something that is important to us even are grown kids that do not live with us know that, hey, we are going to my parents house to eat dinner, because that is important to them because it is important to us. So really conveying that message to your family really helps you to be able to achieve your goals as an entire unit.

And you know, being able to set a budget stick to if the entire family knows about the budget then they are more apt to know it became to those situations where you know is it within the budget type of things you know, a common goal are we building towards and and so being able to convey that to your family and friends really helps them to be able to support you in that manner. And so as we go into 2019 we are really just excited about all the wonderful things that are going on in Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo and so we really want and to be a part of your dream building process and so make sure that you give us a call 806-688-9215 so that that way we can get you scheduled for an appointment so he builds your dreams today.

We feel strongly that we can help each other achieve our goals when it comes to your home building project this year. A Goal worth achieving.