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This Christmas time had us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo, thinking about the last two years that my husband and I got to spend a part of December in New York City. One of the greatest things that my husband and I love the most about the City, New York City is all of the architecture. So if you think about it, New York City was one of the first major cities in the United States.

And so it is got so much old architecture, just the buildings are old, it was founded, you know, so early in the beginning of the United States, and the buildings are so old. And think about how old those are, and think about the grander and the beauty that you actually get to see every time you look at any of the buildings that are in New York City, especially places like Grand Central Station, I mean, the ceilings are so tall, that it is insane.

And so you think about how they did not have modern day technology, and the way that we do today so if you think about all of the equipment that they did not have. And the equipment that they did have was so and just not up to par as to what we do in today’s time. But yet they built massive, massive, massive buildings, and beautiful architecture at the details, marble everywhere, I mean, the slabs of marble that are in Grand Central Station are just phenomenal.

And so you think about the weight of all of that in the way that they built those structures, those structures are still standing today. And so that took a huge amount of craftsmanship. And just the details, the ornate details and in the ceilings, and, you know, the paintings and the murals and all the woodwork. And everywhere you go, any little bar or pop or anything was probably used to be, you know, multiple different businesses throughout all of the decades and of history there in New York City.

But you look at all the beautiful detail work, all of the wood and ornate would you know, bars and trim work with the high ceilings and the beautiful floors.

And you really have to stop and just appreciate that they built these things without modern day technology like we did. And that is true craftsmanship. So if you ever, you know, have seen the house be trimmed, you know, they might bring a trim crew in and they slap that up so quickly. But a true Craftsman trim Carpenter might be one person and it might take you in for ever. But every nail that goes into that trim is done with love and care and attention to detail.

And so that truly is just the difference in what we see nowadays versus what we saw back then. And so just as a Home Builder Amarillo, New York City and all the beautiful buildings in the architecture, something that absolutely is just amazes us every time we at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo see it, yes, my husband and I look just like tourists looking at the ceiling. When we walk into a building that we really do not care, because it is just a sight to behold. And it is something that is just so beautiful. Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo, we think about all of the infrastructure that goes into that city, just phenomenal. And you know, and they these buildings, they do not really go anywhere, they can not really there is not there is no opportunity for things to be condemned. Because guess what that space is there.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.


And that space is needed for, you know, commercial markets. And so they have to go in and restore those and just to be able to see that love and attention that they take great pride in when they do a restoration. Because that building can not go anywhere. You do not get to just tear things down like you do here at the Texas Panhandle. You know, like you have only got so much space in New York City. And most of that space goes up. So you have to really, you know, think about how they do remodels. And that right there in itself is enough to just you know, be prideful of, and you know, everything that we see as a Home Builder Amarillo in the city is just phenomenal.

And you know, you know that they are remodeling set that overhead. If you walk underneath and like an awning on the sidewalk, you know that there is a major remodel going on above. And it said this audience are there for safety purposes. And so it is just amazing to us how much is still going on in the city or much building and remodeling and all of them speak it is just absolutely incredible. And then you think about how did they get materials into the job size. And you know, there is not a lot of room for semis on the streets and things like that.

It is just really think about the coordination that it takes to be able to deliver materials and bring subcontractors into the city. It is just absolutely impressive. It is something that we really enjoy looking at and enjoy asking questions about every time we visited New York City. It is one of our favorite places to visit and it is definitely not the Texas Panhandle but we are okay with that. At Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we really do like to visit just wanted to take some time to appreciate it some of the places that we have been and been able to visit in our lifetime. We would be happy to talk to you about our travels to New York City in an appointment discussing you dream building project! Make sure that you give us a call today at 806-688-9215 and we will get started on building a wonderful structure for you as well.